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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sponsored Post: Bongs

The ultimate guide on how to buy bongs bongs Many people get attached to their bongs, they can become a much loved item that gives off an aura of relaxation and good vibes. If you've ever lost one to an accident it can
 be like losing a blazing buddy, never to meet again. But if you are new to water pipes and are looking to
buy bongs for the very first time then the good vibes can slowly fade away and you might be left with nothing but confusion and anxiety. But not to worry, swallow your fears and put on a brave face as I am
 here to guide you into finding the very best bongs for your buck.

Which bong shop should I use - What to look out for

So if you have not already decided where to make your purchase you will notice there are quite a few different online shops that you could entrust with your order, but unless you want to spend a full day browsing every product on every website it can be a little
 frustrating having to decide what shop to use. The answer is simple, check reviews for the different bong stores, that way you can make sure other customers have not only received the goods, but they have also been pleased with the quality of the products.
 A great example of a bong shop is this site.

what are the best bongs for sale

You're a good way to making one of these fabulous pipes your own, you've picked your chosen shop, but now you have been greeted with hundreds of different bongs for sale. How can you possibly choose just one?! Like most people you want the best bong possible
 for your budget. Let me break down the main types of pipes being sold over the net.
Glass Bongs - Always the most expensive due to their intricate nature. Most people agree that nothing hits like a glass bong. Due to their non absorbent nature they deliver a clean and
 fresh smoke every time (as long as you change the water!). Plastic Bongs - The cheapest types of water pipes available, extremely durable and difficult to break. Always sold in a whole
 range of colours. These make an awesome entry level pipe or backup pipe. Ceramic Bongs - The ceramic versions are known for coming in crazy designs from large alien heads to skulls,
 dragons and multi coloured mushrooms! Often very cheap and fantastic value for money. I had the fun job of testing out these main three materials and for me
glass bongs were hands down the best. If you are interested other rarer materials used for pipes are bamboo, metal, meerschaum and even coconuts! If you wish to take my advice and go for glass then you will be pleased to know that you can find
glass bongs for sale online in many places but due to their fragile nature you should again check our the shops reviews. Any decent shop will know how to pack their glass so you won't need to worry about it being damaged
 during shipping.

Less important stuff

With plastic and ceramic the stats for the pipes are pretty basic, but if you opt for glass then
you might be interested in knowing the following: Wall Thickness - A glass bong is not simply a glass bong! Some are really thin and flimsy whilst others are absolute beasts. A cheap bong will have a wall thickness of around 2.8 mm whilst a more
 pricey version will have a wall thickness of around 5 mm. The thickest is normally 10 mm and you can expect them to cost a lot and also weigh a lot!
Joint Sizes - You may want to modify your bong in the future, the standard joint sizes are 14.5, 18.8 and 29.2 (mm). You can change the bowls of your bong and also add things such as precoolers which are an extra water chamber that helps to keep your
 bong clean from residue build up whilst also cooling and filtering the smoke even more.
Percolators - They all do the same thing but they come in different shapes and quantities. They make for a more expensive bong but most people agree they are worth the extra cost. In basic terms, they collect the smoke in a small space and then find
 different ways to dissect the smoke creating way more surface area allowing the water to further cool the smoke down.

Now it's up to you!

Take heed of what you've read, your future rests in your hands now!
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