Medical Marijuana – The Future of Medicine

Medical Cannabis had been long a debate among experts and organizations—deciding whether or not it should be legalized in other countries. While there are some countries that repeal the prohibition of marijuana, there are some who strongly opposed to it. Here are the top reasons that should be taken into consideration as to why we should legalize the medical marijuana.

Prohibition will only result in additional social costs

If the government will tend to prohibit citizens from using medical marijuana, it will only result in wasted resources and missed opportunities to save lives. The police force is spending most of the time in catching people who are using marijuana for medical purposes, regardless if they are a law abided citizen or not. What’s worse is that there are some unfortunate people who are keeping cannabis in their own houses for personal use that suffered being imprisoned for a couple of years without hurting anyone or causing damage.

The government views the marijuana possession as an illegal act that should be settled right away, forcing innocent people in the prison and disregarding those who are using many dangerous drugs such as cocaine and heroin. To support this claim, there are over 650,000 arrests in the year 2012 because of possessing Marijuana compared to 256,000 arrestees of cocaine and other derivatives. These alarming rate of arrests because of marijuana possession had used too much time of the police officers instead of focusing on more serious issues in the society.

Cannabis prohibition took too much time and money from the government

It had been estimated that there approximately $51 billion is used by the government because of the cannabis prohibition but unfortunately, it did nothing to reduce the drug use in the country stated the Drug Policy Alliance. In America, over 30 million are marijuana users despite the great efforts of the government to suppress it. Their move in focusing marijuana had led to the failure of settling larger and more controversial drug issue.

Police officers are arresting people after confirmation that they are keeping and using marijuana but only about 3.1% of the 30,000 arrestees committed violent acts. In fact, there are less to little cases wherein it was proved that smoking pots had led to serious crimes such as serial killing, murder, and torture.

Medical Marijuana is proven to have safe and effective medical effects

There are hundreds of research and studies that had already proven that using marijuana had positive effects in improving one’s health. Unfortunately, people see it as a very harmful drug that needed to be avoided. In fact, there are rare cases wherein the only thing that could cure them is taking medical marijuana.

It does not necessarily mean that if you are diagnosed with an illness or a disease wherein medical marijuana can help in improving your health should you smoke pot. There is a recommended amount of dosage of medical cannabis that should be taken and it takes place in the laboratory and medical facilities, administered by a professional doctor—not in your house.

There are thousands of people who had already died because their request on taking medical marijuana had been rejected. Medical marijuana could’ve lengthened their lifespan and cure their illness. But because of the cannabis prohibition, they have no choice but to travel to other countries just to take medical marijuana or just wait for their bodies to give up and eventually die.

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Alcohol and tobacco is more harmful compared to medical marijuana

It should be the alcohol and tobacco that should be prohibited—not the medical cannabis. It had been proven that the effects of excessive consumption or alcohol and tobacco are way more harmful than medical marijuana. In fact, it can even result in long-term and serious diseases that it too alarming considering the fact that there are also millions of smokers and drinkers out there.

Aside from that, the tobacco and alcohol are more addictive compared to taking marijuana. In fact, moderate use of marijuana will not cause any harmful side effects to a human’s body. So far, there is no case recorded that says someone had ever died from marijuana overdose. There are also no records or cases wherein the medical cannabis had been linked to any serious diseases compared to alcohol and tobacco that is one of the main causes of cancer and other death-causing diseases.

There are more benefits than risks in taking cannabis

It had been already proven that most people who are suffering from rare and serious diseases had improved their condition because of the medical marijuana. Even at the terminal condition, it can still work to treat their illnesses. The common misconception is that medical marijuana is only used in order to distract the patient from the suffering of his illness but the truth is that it has the ability to cure serious diseases that medical professionals are struggling to deal with even with the use of the latest and up-to-date medical technologies and other drugs.

Since cannabis is all-natural, if you tend to compared it with pain killers, pain killers can be addictive and can change the mindset of the patient. Therefore, marijuana usage is safe in numbing the pain that they are feeling without ever having to worry about addiction.

These are just among the many reasons as to why medical marijuana should be legalized. It saves lives, it improves the government, and it can be the key to more discoveries in the medical industry. People who are open-minded and open for more possibilities will not have any problem with the legalization of marijuana to their countries—considering how it can lift not only their lives but the entire government as well.

Conduct a research

Before anything else, you must be aware of everything that involves in purchasing and consumption of medical marijuana. In that way, you will be able to choose the best cannabis products that work best for you and you’ll be able to know the possible effects of the cannabis treatment.

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 Get yourself a card

In order for you to have an access to medical marijuana products, you should get yourself a card. It should only be given to you once you’ve qualified and your condition is recognized as one of the illnesses that can be treated by medical marijuana.


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Choosing the right product

And now you are ready to buy the right cannabis product for you. There are various medical cannabis dispensers that you can choose from. You should start by choosing the right strain. We’ll even give you recipes to use if you want to cook your weed into weed butter (such as our great recipe using the best sous vide machine by


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