Medical Marijuana – The Future of Medicine

Medical Cannabis had been long a debate among experts and organizations—deciding whether or not it should be legalized in other countries. While there are some countries that repeal the prohibition of marijuana, there are some who strongly opposed to it. Here are the top reasons that should be taken into consideration as to why we should legalize the medical marijuana.

Prohibition will only result in additional social costs

If the government will tend to prohibit citizens from using medical marijuana, it will only result in wasted resources and missed opportunities to save lives. The police force is spending most of the time in catching people who are using marijuana for medical purposes, regardless if they are a law abided citizen or not. What’s worse is that there are some unfortunate people who are keeping cannabis in their own houses for personal use that suffered being imprisoned for a couple of years without hurting anyone or causing damage.

The government views the marijuana possession as an illegal act that should be settled right away, forcing innocent people in the prison and disregarding those who are using many dangerous drugs such as cocaine and heroin. To support this claim, there are over 650,000 arrests in the year 2012 because of possessing Marijuana compared to 256,000 arrestees of cocaine and other derivatives. These alarming rate of arrests because of marijuana possession had used too much time of the police officers instead of focusing on more serious issues in the society.

Cannabis prohibition took too much time and money from the government

It had been estimated that there approximately $51 billion is used by the government because of the cannabis prohibition but unfortunately, it did nothing to reduce the drug use in the country stated the Drug Policy Alliance. In America, over 30 million are marijuana users despite the great efforts of the government to suppress it. Their move in focusing marijuana had led to the failure of settling larger and more controversial drug issue.

Police officers are arresting people after confirmation that they are keeping and using marijuana but only about 3.1% of the 30,000 arrestees committed violent acts. In fact, there are less to little cases wherein it was proved that smoking pots had led to serious crimes such as serial killing, murder, and torture.

Medical Marijuana is proven to have safe and effective medical effects

There are hundreds of research and studies that had already proven that using marijuana had positive effects in improving one’s health. Unfortunately, people see it as a very harmful drug that needed to be avoided. In fact, there are rare cases wherein the only thing that could cure them is taking medical marijuana.

It does not necessarily mean that if you are diagnosed with an illness or a disease wherein medical marijuana can help in improving your health should you smoke pot. There is a recommended amount of dosage of medical cannabis that should be taken and it takes place in the laboratory and medical facilities, administered by a professional doctor—not in your house.

There are thousands of people who had already died because their request on taking medical marijuana had been rejected. Medical marijuana could’ve lengthened their lifespan and cure their illness. But because of the cannabis prohibition, they have no choice but to travel to other countries just to take medical marijuana or just wait for their bodies to give up and eventually die.

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Alcohol and tobacco is more harmful compared to medical marijuana

It should be the alcohol and tobacco that should be prohibited—not the medical cannabis. It had been proven that the effects of excessive consumption or alcohol and tobacco are way more harmful than medical marijuana. In fact, it can even result in long-term and serious diseases that it too alarming considering the fact that there are also millions of smokers and drinkers out there.

Aside from that, the tobacco and alcohol are more addictive compared to taking marijuana. In fact, moderate use of marijuana will not cause any harmful side effects to a human’s body. So far, there is no case recorded that says someone had ever died from marijuana overdose. There are also no records or cases wherein the medical cannabis had been linked to any serious diseases compared to alcohol and tobacco that is one of the main causes of cancer and other death-causing diseases.

There are more benefits than risks in taking cannabis

It had been already proven that most people who are suffering from rare and serious diseases had improved their condition because of the medical marijuana. Even at the terminal condition, it can still work to treat their illnesses. The common misconception is that medical marijuana is only used in order to distract the patient from the suffering of his illness but the truth is that it has the ability to cure serious diseases that medical professionals are struggling to deal with even with the use of the latest and up-to-date medical technologies and other drugs.

Since cannabis is all-natural, if you tend to compared it with pain killers, pain killers can be addictive and can change the mindset of the patient. Therefore, marijuana usage is safe in numbing the pain that they are feeling without ever having to worry about addiction.

These are just among the many reasons as to why medical marijuana should be legalized. It saves lives, it improves the government, and it can be the key to more discoveries in the medical industry. People who are open-minded and open for more possibilities will not have any problem with the legalization of marijuana to their countries—considering how it can lift not only their lives but the entire government as well.

Conduct a research

Before anything else, you must be aware of everything that involves in purchasing and consumption of medical marijuana. In that way, you will be able to choose the best cannabis products that work best for you and you’ll be able to know the possible effects of the cannabis treatment.

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 Get yourself a card

In order for you to have an access to medical marijuana products, you should get yourself a card. It should only be given to you once you’ve qualified and your condition is recognized as one of the illnesses that can be treated by medical marijuana.


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Choosing the right product

And now you are ready to buy the right cannabis product for you. There are various medical cannabis dispensers that you can choose from. You should start by choosing the right strain. We’ll even give you recipes to use if you want to cook your weed into weed butter (such as our great recipe using the best sous vide machine by


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Sous Vide Weed Butter is Awesome

Sous Vide Weed Butter is Awesome

If you’re looking for a new way to make your own weed butter then I highly suggest you take a look at making it sous vide.

There’s a few noticeable perks that I love.

The first is that there is no smell whatsoever. Normally when you’re making weed butter, your whole home is going to stink. While I love the smell of some good bud, I definitely don’t want it radiating throughout my home and onto the streets. When you’re cooking sous vide, all of the marijuana smell is contained within the vacuum sealed pouch. You won’t have to worry about any smell escaping!

The second thing I love is how you cannot mess up cooking weed butter with sous vide. When you’re making weed butter the traditional way, you risk burning the oils and ruining your weed. Since sous vide circulates water around a vacuum sealed bag (with your weed in it), it all cooks evenly, making it impossible to mess up. When you have your own best sous vide machine, you will end up saving money in the long run on weed because of how effective it is. I cannot even begin to tell you how much cash I have wasted when trying to make my own weed butter and failing.

The thing I love the most is how the majority of the THC content is retained. When cooking sous vide, all of the oil is trapped in the vacuum sealed bag. None of it is splattering throughout your kitchen, over your stove. This leads to a much more potent version of weed butter than you’re used to. Or in other terms, you’ll be able to make your weed butter go much further than if you were to cook it the traditional way on the stove.

Sous vide may not be popular, or you may have never even heard of it, but it really is effective for making one hell of a weed butter. in fact you can even use sous vide to cook different types of edibles, like brownies, infusions (weed infused tequila!) and other things. Hell, you could even weed infuse steak if you wanted to. That’s really the best of both worlds.

What are some things to consider when buying a sous vide machine?

Sous vide machines are all of the range not only in professional kitchens but also in home kitchens as well. However, if you want to get the best preserved and well-marinated dishes, then you also need to choose the best sous vide machine that will suit your needs. So here are a few things to consider when buying one of these kitchen appliances.

1.) Stick or basin?

Basins are larger and thus bulkier in storage. In a pool, water will need to be filled directly. Of course, each tank has a limited capacity, which is determined by the size of the basin. The performance of the devices is always at the max, and thus better for larger busier kitchens some basins have removable inner pots for easy cleaning and rinsing.

A Sous Vide Stick is basically an immersion heater with a thermostat and a circulation pump. A stick is simply hung in any container, eg in a saucepan filled with water and usually fixed by a clamp or by a screw. An integrated circulation pump ensures that the water circulates and thus can keep the temperature evenly. Sous vide sticks are more space efficient than those other kinds of sous vide machines, especially those that have large water baths.

2.) Capacity

The capacity determines how much water the Sous Vide Basin or the Sous Vide Stick can hold at a constant temperature. Or different: how much meat, fish or vegetables you can cook in the water bath.

For the basin devices, the capacity is up to 10 liters, for devices for home use and up to 14 liters for professional devices, as they are simply larger. Sticks can in much larger vessels, eg cooking pots or similar. be used. Here the capacity lies between 15-25 liters, with professional devices even up to 50 liters. Be sure to choose a sous vide machine that has got the capacity that you want. You would not be able to prepare certain kinds of foods or dishes, if you are not careful about the capacity of the sous vide machine that you are buying.

3.) Temperature range and accuracy

In terms of temperature accuracy, there can be a simple difference from cheap to better sous vide machines. While for cheaper Sous Vide basins or Sous Vide Sticks for the private household mostly, you will only get about a 0.1 to 1 degrees Celsius in temperature accuracy.

For the sous vide preparation, a temperature accuracy of 0.5-degree Celsius or 1-degree Celsius is sufficient, with high demands on the result as well as on the reproducibility of the results or special applications temperature accuracy of 0.1-degree Celsius is necessary. If you do not have any special requirements, all Sous Vide devices have a suitable temperature range for sous vide cooking of almost all foods from approx. 30 degrees Celsius up to 90-degrees as well.

In addition to the criteria already mentioned, there are still differences in the accessory equipment that you can find packaged with the sous vide machine. For example, there are racks, which are usually included in the package of the initial sous vide machine, into which the vacuum bags can be pinched so that they remain submerged. There may also be no racks for the sous vide sticks. Another kind of sous vide machine accessory must be placed in the water bath without any support to keep the bags under water. Keep in mind, that additional cooking accessories with your sous vide machine may increase its price.

With the right kind of sous vide machine, we are able to ensure that food is cooked evenly, stays fresh for longer, and also taste better with deeper marination. You should always try to do a lot of research about these sous vide machines before buying one. Reading those reviews about sous vide machines can allow us to purchase the best one for our money.

Marijuana Reform: People Standing Together for the Legalization of Marijuana

People Standing Together for the Legalization of Marijuana

Do you think it is ridiculous how much of our tax dollars goes to the war on marijuana? Most people think it is quite ridiculous on how many people are being jailed for a senseless “drug.” Are prisons are overflowing, yet we still arresting people for senseless marijuana drug crimes.

I reviewed an article called Change the Climate, which is a campaign that was put together by some parents and business professional. They want to tell people about how ridiculous it is how we waste our tax dollars for the “War on Drugs.” They also believe it is threat to our basic freedoms as Americans. Change The Climate wants to let people know the honest truth about marijuana and not the scary drug we are told it is by our government. I never knew so many other people felt this way and Change The Climate is a great group that just wants to inform the truth and that’s it. Believe what you want, but marijuana is harmless and shouldn’t be considered a drug like cocaine, heroin, and crystal methamphetamine.

Just like alcohol and smoking cigarettes, kids should not take part in using marijuana obviously. People aren’t advocating that kids do drugs of course. Our media tries showing us ads for marijuana that are meant to scare us and most people just laugh at them and don’t take them seriously. That’s why so many people that use marijuana for whatever reason, end up feeling like some sort of outcast, because people are brainwashed to believe that marijuana is evil. You can find reasonable ways to talk to your kids about using marijuana on the web.

I just wanted to include an article for Change The Climate campaign because they want to change the way people think about marijuana and how to go about bringing reform to the people of America. The politicians will never say anything about it until people show that a majority of us want change in our marijuana laws. People need to realize that marijuana doesn’t really affect many aspects of their life unless they use. It helps a lot of people for pain, instead of taking prescription medications that have side effects that are worse than the pain. The government don’t want to legalize it because they don’t have a full proof way to tax marijuana because people can easily grow it. Will they ever realize that it is harmless and then legalize it? Change The Climate is a group of people from all over standing up for the legalization of marijuana and the waste of our tax dollars on trying to stop it. People from all walks of life support the legalization of marijuana and think it’s ridiculous that it isn’t legalized yet.

Little Known Facet of Marijuana Controversy: Growing Hemp

Little Known Facet of Marijuana Controversy

There are actually three facets to the fight to legalize marijuana. Most of us are familiar with the controversy about recreational marijuana and medical marijuana, but not to many of us know that the whole thing started with the banning of growing hemp, (the plant that pot comes from), in the United States back in the twenties.

Hemp is a valuable and very green resource that can be used to make pretty much anything that cotton can be used for; everything from tents, to rope, clothing, and shoes. We all know the story of cotton and how important it was to the agriculture of the south, but back in the twenties, hemp was one of its chief rivals.

Then plastic came along and DuPont Chemical, a forerunner in the development of materials like rayon and nylon, pushed congress to make hemp illegal because of its illicit use as a recreational drug, (and eliminate a major competitor.) They probably would have tried to make growing cotton illegal too, but you can’t smoke cotton. (You could, but it would probably not get you high.)

Products made from hemp are still available in the United States, but they are very expensive and have to be imported from other countries. In these dire economic times, the argument for legalizing all types of the cannabis plant is getting stronger and stronger. Legalizing it would create new jobs and add billions to the tax base. It may also cut down on the money and manpower that we spend each year fighting the “war on drugs,” a war that we are surely losing. And we may even be able to stop putting about half a million of our young people in jail on drug charges, another added benefit that will save taxpayers a lot of money.

Medical marijuana and the growing of hemp are two separate issues that are closely intertwined with the marijuana as a drug controversy. With issue of medical marijuana, it has proven effective in helping cancer patients as well as those with glaucoma, as well as those suffering nerve pain from conditions like multiple sclerosis and neuropathy, with far fewer side effects than other narcotics like morphine.

But there may be hope. Several states have legalized the use of medical marijuana and several more, including my neighbor, Illinois, are considering it. But as far as I know, in those states where it is legal to use it for medical purposes, you still can’t grow it to make rope, or a shirt. And really, why make it legal in a state just so you can be busted on federal charges if you use it?

Making Your Own Marijuana Inspired Clothing

Making Your Own Marijuana Inspired Clothing

It’s so secret that I am a huge advocate for marijuana usage. It’s also no secret that I fully believe that the benefits of marijuana need to be made available to more people. One way that I encourage people to do that is to become walking advertisements.

How should this be accomplished?

Well, it’s easy. Making your onw marijuana inspired clothing! This is something that we have been doing a lot lately, and I encourage all of you to also do so.

The first thing that you’re going to need when making your marijuana based clothing is a heat press. We’re going to be heat transferring vinyl onto our shirts. You could also use an iron if you don’t want to purchase a heat press machine, but the product won’t come out nearly as good.

You’re also going to need a t shirt of any color of your choosing. Finally, you’ll need a piece of transfer vinyl. I recommend that you get a color that contrasts with your shirt color.

First things first. Stencil out onto the vinyl the shape or the lettering that you want to use. Something basic would be to stencil out a marijuana leaf. Other options are basic sayings such as ‘Keep Calm and Smoke’. Either way, you want to make sure that you’re getting your pro-marijuana point across.

Once you have the design on your vinyl transfer all stenciled out, you’re going to take an exacto-knife or sharp sheers and cut the vinyl along your stenciled line. While you’re doing this, you should be heating up your heat press machine. Generally you’re going to be doing this transfer at a temperature of around 400F.

When the vinyl is cut, place it onto the shirt. Make sure everything is lined up. There are no do-overs when using a heat press!

When you’re ready, open the heat press, place the shirt and vinyl into the machine, and press down. You’ll only need to hold it closed for 45 seconds to a minute. Make sure you check the manufacturer’s manual beforehand.

When the timer goes off, take the shirt out, and you’re all set!

You have no created your very own marijuana inspired clothing. Spread the good word!

Choosing the Best Sous Vide Machine for Marijuana Edibles

Choosing the Best Sous Vide Machine for Marijuana Edibles

If you love cooking, buy yourself sous vide machine. However, choosing the best machine among hundreds of available models out there can sometimes be confusing. Here is a complete guide to buying the best machine for you.

Consider the types of sous vide machines

  • Home Sous Vide Machine and Water Oven Models

The appearance of water oven models resembles a crockpot, and it’s an oven that will boil the water for you. There is a tank provided to contain the water. All you need to do is to pour the water, set the desired temperature and then add the food into the mix.

  • Immersion Circulator Machines

In this type, you are now allowed to utilize your own container for the water in the process of cooking. Therefore, instead of a water tank, it will just give you information on how much water the machine can handle. All you need to do is to place the machine in the water, set up the desired settings and leave it for it will work for you.

  • Sous Vide Commercial Equipment

You have to know that cooking for your family members at home compared to cooking for customers in a restaurant is entirely different. Though the process is similar, commercial equipment will always require for a larger capacity of the machine so as you can notice, the circulators and water ovens is not that same.

Factors to look for

  • Reliability

You need to make sure that the sous vide machine will never burn your food. It can seriously degrade your cooking skills even if it’s just a slight burn. You have to rely on the machine, therefore, you should make sure that it is made out of high quality materials and it does not broke in the middle of cooking. But of course, it will always depend on the cooking skills of the chef to serve food in precision.

  • Capacity

The larger the capacity, the better. Even if you are only using it at the comfort of your own home, you will find the benefits of using sous vide machine that can offer a larger capacity compared to tiny once. It’s also a great choice if you tend to buy a machine that allows you to use your own pot so that you can maximize the capacity that it is allowed to hold.

  • Temperature Range

Certain foods require a different range of temperature, therefore, you should make sure that there is a wide range of options for the temperature so that you can utilize your sous vide machine in various dishes that you wanted to serve.

There you go. Keep these things in mind and you will be able to find the best sous vide machine that matches both your lifestyle and your cooking style. It could be one of your expensive investments for your cooking, therefore you should make sure that you chose the best. With a high quality sous vide machine, you will be able to provide your family or customers the best version of your dishes.

In Massachusetts, Ballot Question 2 Covers Responsible Marijuana Policy

In Massachusetts, Ballot Question 2 Covers Responsible Marijuana Policy

Ballot Question 2 in Mass. is a hot button issue in the days leading up to the presidential election. The current Mass. law states that anyone caught with any amount of marijuana will be arrested and tried as a criminal defendant in a court of law. If Ballot Question 2 passes, people caught with less than one ounce of marijuana would be issued a ticket similar to a traffic violation.

The amount of the ticket will be $100 dollars and the fine would go to whatever city the offense took place in.The benefit of the fine, rather than the arrest, is that it will reduce the number of people with criminal records, cut court costs for cities and towns and not tie up the police with the arrest and booking of someone caught with marijuana.

I firmly believe the current marijuana policy needs to be replaced with civil citations. People who use marijuana pose far less risk to the general public than those who consume alcohol, but they face arrest and prosecution for using marijuana. Unfortunately, drug use brings forward the image of the crazed addict who will do anything for their fix, when in reality, many productive members of society use marijuana without any ill effects whatsoever. If Ballot Question 2 passes, minors caught with any amount of marijuana would face a stiffer penalty. Their parents would be notified, there would be a $1,000 fine, and they would be forced to attend a drug education program.

Opponents of the sensible marijuana policy claim that by passing this bill we would be sending the wrong message to kids about drug use. Opponents also argue that it will make it easier for drug dealers to ply their trade without fear of being caught. I believe that the message that children get in our society is not from the laws we pass, but by the actions of their parents. I would have to agree that it will be easier for the marijuana dealers to sell marijuana if this ballot question passes. However if as a society we are willing to say that smoking marijuana is only a civil offense then wouldn’t the logical conclusion be that those adults are procuring their marijuana from somewhere? Since we are already aware of this fact then the argument that it will make marijuana dealers freer to sell pot is lacking. It will still be a criminal offense to sell other drugs.

This is a polarizing issue in Mass., and I will be watching closely to see how people feel about this. One local poll reported that more than 70 percent of adults agree that marijuana should be decriminalized. We’ll see if those 70 percent feel strongly enough about it to go out and vote for the decriminalization of marijuana.

Tips to Stop Smoking Ganja, Weed or Marijuana

Tips to Stop Smoking Ganja, Weed or Marijuana

It may seem challenging to stop smoking ganja, but in reality it is viable.

The two steps to stop smoking weed:

1) Discover your passion

2) Replace your passionate time with “marijuana time”

phase 1: Identify your passions

It is VERY significant for you to determine out your individual passions. If you smoke ganja, you may have overlooked what you are fanatic about.

Many times, you may completely be irrational to what you used to love doing. You may have overlooked what you were once fanatic about. That’s because you likely passed all your available time doing nothing but smoking a blunt

That’s what smoking weed can do. It can totally accommodate over your life. It can waste your lifetime to the peak you don’t have time for acquaintances, pursuits.

phase 2: Next, replace your “marijuana time” with your “passion time”

The following step is to start spending MORE time on your passion instead than on smoking weed. This will be hard at first of all but once you get used to thisit will stick with you to the rest of your life.

This measure is CRUCIAL. Each time you have the urge to roll up a blunt and smoke it think about what you want to do and stop

That is why your passion is Important. You must be Really fanatic about your activeness, friends, or pursuit. If you are really passionate about this, then you will have no troubles accepting some time for your passion.

Pursuing these two steps will finally get you to quit smoking weed……

Sensible Marijuana Policy? Massachusetts Pick a Side, Please

Sensible Marijuana Policy

On November 12, a Wednesday, voters in the state of Massachusetts will decide on an issue which has rustled state and federal officials since the inception of banning on marijuana as a plant, and its active alkaloid compounds altogether. This is issue is the decision of whether possession (by an adult) of small amounts of marijuana (less than one ounce, 28 grams) should be punished with criminal or less severe civil offenses.

As a north shore Massachusetts resident, I feel that this could quite possibly become the most important ballot issue that has graced a Massachusetts election in many years. Living in a large industrialized city, it isn’t terribly difficult to observe the side effects that marijuana arrests have on the local population. One does not necessarily need to be employed as a rocket propulsion scientist to understand that the less time, effort and money local law enforcement agencies waste on small petty marijuana arrests the more time, effort and money is available for more important endeavors. Such activities could include narcotics distribution, street gang activity, organized crime, homicide, kidnapping, robbery, fraud… just to name a few.

Question two on the Massachusetts 2008 ballot would effectively end petty arrests for simple possession of small amounts of marijuana in the bay state. Under this proposal, any person searched by police officials and found to be in possession of one ounce of marijuana and marijuana product (28 grams) would simply have the marijuana confiscated and be then issued a $100 civil offense ticket. This is the same ticket system used to punish traffic violations such as speeding or failure to yield, stop at a stop sign etc.

Massachusetts would not, in fact, be the first state to pass legislature to decriminalize simple possession of the forbidden herb. Nope, we would actually be one of the later people to show up at that party. Who’s been there since the 1970’s? Why, just Alaska, Colorado, California, Nebraska, New York, Minnesota, North Carolina, Maine, Ohio, and Oregon. That’s right, ten states have already done it, and all nearly thirty years ago at that (Nebraska, the last in 1979).

Why has Massachusetts has taken so long to put this particular piece of legislature up for vote is beyond any measure of logical conclusion. Wake up Massachusetts, and maybe medical marijuana will be able to find its way to some of those chronic disease sufferers in the Bay State, some of whom are in desperate need and deserve a more natural alternative to morphine codeine-derived; pain medications

Letter to Ron Paul from Evan Cutler about the teleconference

My slightly edited letter to Dr. and Carol Paul today–edits noted with brackets.

Hello Dr. and Carol Paul,

I held a teleconference last night on the subject of your supporters persuading you back into the race Dr. Paul.

The response was overwhelming!

The short story is that [edited for privacy: many important members of the Libertarian party and campaign] contacted me, and they would do what it takes to have you on their ticket as a VP Candidate. They have spoken with [edited for privacy: …and inform me] you will get the VP spot on their ticket if you will take it. The vast majority of their party activists and organizers want you. The infusion of energy your supporters will bring to that party will bring light to all you and they have worked for in a way that your mere endorsement will not.

The bigger story is that by my simply posting the link to our teleconference in our Private Alaskans for Ron Paul 2012 groups, and one post on the Lawyers for Paul group, I set off a firestorm. Word grew exponentially in just one day.

Our teleconference room was filled to capacity (1,000), with 1800+ people participating. It was live streamed and listened to by another 1,100 people on just one internet channel, and it was live streamed elsewhere.

Many of your National Delegates and State Activist Leaders were on the call, but also many Libertarians, Democrats, and Independents. This is just the beginning.

The people want you to give us two more months and help spread the message of liberty. There are of course concerns by some (particular those running for office), but there is a commitment by most to keep working in the Republican Party, and to do everything they can to convince you to run. My incoming email is more than I can handle, and our best Alaskan delegates and activists are working right now to put in new infrastructure and speed up the communication. You will see an immense wave of support in the coming days this week.

The Libertarian Party needs to hear from you soon, if this will work.

I can put you or your people in touch with them.

We NEED you not to give up. It’s not about winning the election, it’s about spreading the message of Liberty. If you will but give us two more months, you will magnify your life’s work and reach the largest audience yet. You will electrify your supporters and send an important message to those who would suppress fair participation in all parties. Your joining the Libertarian ticket will instantly get the polling up high enough that you will be included in the nationally televised debates. And we will bring tens of millions of dollars quickly to their struggling campaign. They are under attack by the Romney Campaign, trying to strip them of ballot access in several states, but they are in the very strongest position for your run…and your joining them will bring the support they need.

Besides, on the off chance that you actually win, being VP is a lot easier than President.

Please let me know what we can do to help convince you. I can send you the most pertinent communications I’ve received, and a link so you can hear our two hour call from last night for yourself. I can send you the call logs to prove I’m telling the truth.

We will keep trying to win your support for our support, Dr. Paul, We’ve worked too hard to quit now.

And remember, Miracles do happen! The Berlin Wall came down in a day! The Soviet Empire dissolved without a civil war! Women got the vote!

Everyone around the country tells me the only signs they really see are for Ron Paul. Your grassroots support is so much more than you know, especially if you are not on a Republican ticket.

We all know the risks to our progress in the Republican Party, but that movement won’t stop,

More good than harm will come from your taking this risk,

We need you to stand tall for Liberty sir, just a bit longer, please,




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