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Marijuana and Growing Hemp: What About It?

Growing Hemp

The cultivation of marijuana has slowly started to rise up since it has become legal in certain states.

There have been a lot of farmers and even local people that are starting to shift their crops into weed. But there is a little known facet of marijuana controversy: growing hemp. 

There has been a spark of controversy regarding the growth of hemp due to it being somewhat illegal in certain states to cultivate as it has some similar properties that marijuana has. But what are these properties and what makes it controversial?

Well here we’ll talk about all there is to know.

The Legality of Growing Hemp

Hemp back then was categorized as a product that’s the same as marijuana and any other narcotic making it illegal during the marijuana prohibition era.

Since the Farm Bill that was passed back in 2014, Hemp was categorized as a different plant from marijuana. But by 2018, it became legal to use it for agriculture and create various products. This is due to the high demand for CBD that’s contained on Hemp plants. 

Although the plant is now fully legal, farmers will still need to go through a long and expensive process in order to gain a permit that allows the to grow the crop.

Difference Between Marijuana and Hemp

Hemp compared to marijuana are both of the same plant species but have different genetic makeup and chemical composition. Marijuana contains more THC but less CBD while Hemp will contain almost no THC.

With Hemp having low THC which is the chemical compound that causes hallucinogenic effects from intaking the plant, it manages to stay in the legal zone from states who have still not legalized marijuana.

CBD in Hemp

The reason why there such high demand in hemp is mainly because of its CBD that’s used as a therapeutic way to relive the body and other ways to keep it function healthily.

The popularity of this is because it has no psychoactive elements but it has a lot of benefits when taken in. It has also become a new alternative to treat minor ailments as CB doesn’t have any side-effects when taken.

What Hemp Is Mainly Used For

Hemp is like the weed version of a coconut true due to the various ways that you can make use of the plant.

The seeds can be used as food as it has a lot of health benefits that come to it when consumed, the fiber can also be used as cotton or organic paper which can be more environmentally friendly, clothing can also be made from the plant, and as said earlier, the CBD oil in it. 


As the world slowly progresses in learning various ways of using the crop, there will also be new innovations that will be created through this. It’s still early due to how recently it’s just been legalized but hemp will surely become a new alternative from other products.

Knowing The Responsible Marijuana Policy

Marijuana Policy

As the world has slowly progressed and learned more about how marijuana is actually safe, some areas have already started to legalize it.

From places where they use marijuana as a medical alternative from other drugs with side effects, to countries that completely legalized it and their citizens are now using it for recreational use. 

As America has also taken on the legalization of marijuana, they’ve also made policies in order to regulate it and give out laws for the safety of its citizens.

So what are these policies? Well Just keep on reading as well explain everything to you.

Legalization of Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana has been a topic for decades and some parts of America have already started to make it legal for medical use or even for recreational use.

The prohibition that started in the ’70s failed so several organizations have made ways to pass several laws to legalize marijuana and educate the people on what are the proper ways of using it so it won’t cause any harm to anyone.

Marijuana Policy Project

The Marijuana Policy Project is an organization created in America which its sole purpose is to create policy reforms for marijuana in the country. This is in order to create ways for the government to accept the fact that marijuana is safe to use in order to legalize it. 

They’ve been trying to create laws that allow the use of medical cannabis and has already succeeded in passing 13 of them. This is to help those in need of the use of medical marijuana and they also see the plant being illegal is pointless.

Principles of Proper Marijuana Use

The principles of proper cannabis use are what the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) are shown to people on how to use cannabis more responsibly for health and safety reasons.

It mostly contains guidelines on who is able to consume it and where and when should be the right time to use cannabis. 

Their main point is that everyone should be responsible when they’re enjoying their cannabis in order for society to be productive.

Ballot Initiatives

The ballot initiatives were a vote held in certain states in America back in 2016 where they wanted to roll back the prohibition of marijuana. This was to try to legalize marijuana and regulate the tax laws of its production.

There were states like Arizona, Nevada, and Maine included with this. By November 2016, ballot question 2, which covers responsible marijuana policy was successfully passed and they were able to legalize and regulate marijuana in certain city-states.


The history of the legalization of marijuana has gone through a lot and as more people have become enlightened of the true nature of the plant, it’s slowly becoming a recreational drug that will surely benefit society.

Policies must be created in order for people to not abuse it in any form or way.

Top Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized


Marijuana has been seen as a gateway drug that people use to get into harder substances which the government made it illegal due to this kind of thought.

But lately, a lot of countries have been legalizing the plant for medical and recreational use as they’ve come to realize that all of it is just a misconception and it’s actually much safer with a lot of benefits added into it. 

So why should we legalize medical marijuana? Well just keep reading as we’ll give you the top reasons why it should be. 

Medical Benefits

One of the main reasons why marijuana has already been legalized in many other states is due to its medical benefits. It’s mostly used as a remedy for chronic pain, depression, and it helps people recovering from poor appetite. 

The main chemical that people need to treat those medical ailments is the CBD that comes from the plant. Due to this, people have been further trying to legalize it in order to reach more medical advances and treatments from this plant.

It’s Much Safer than Alcohol and Tobacco

Marijuana is also much safer than you think. There have been no counts of people that have overdosed from the plant. It’s actually much more likely that someone will die from drinking alcohol or smoking tobacco.

While alcohol can give you the possibility of getting alcohol poisoning and cigarettes have been closely linked to lung cancer and numerous other diseases. Compared to both of these substances, marijuana is actually quite harmless.

Lot’s of Job Opportunities

There would be a lot of new job opportunities that would open if marijuana gets legalized. With it being a new type of legal trade, it would also create jobs like farmers who will be the ones to grow the crops, to different manufacturing companies will be created to make different types of ways to consume the plant and distributors who are going to sell it in retail for the masses.

It will create a new supply chain that will need a lot of workers for it to function.

Budget Saved form Law Enforcement

Law enforcement wouldn’t also be hassled anymore once marijuana gets legalize. It’ll save them time and money in order to focus on more important matters rather than taking care of something that’s more or less harmless to everybody.

It’ll reduce the cost of what the government usually spends on in order to deal with all the cases regarding marijuana. It will also shorten the number of court cases that go to trial from people who are convicted of selling and consuming the plant.


As more people have become enlightened with the actuality of what marijuana does to a person then it will only be a matter of time before every country is going to legalize marijuana

Lots of places have already used them as an alternative for medicine and it’s a much better way for people to have fun compared to taking other substances that might cause harm to them.