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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WBCN 104.1FM, Boston's Local Rock Institution, RIP

News hit the wires and set the internet buzzing in Boston yesterday, CBS owners of WBCN, Boston's rock radio station, announced that the station was being closed in August. For most people, the announcement of a radio station closing wouldn't be much of a big deal. But this was not just another radio station. It was an institution, a national landmark in Boston run by local people that many of us got to know and became friends with. Things at WBCN have changed over the years but yet it was still the place that promoted local music more than the other local rock stations.

WBCN was a longtime MassCann/NORML Boston Freedom Rally sponsor. They donated hundreds of thousands of dollars of free ads and live on air remote broadcasts of our event over the years. Radio stations just don't do that. And especially for a political event or marijuana reform. But WBCN did. And not just for the Freedom Rally.

I'm going to miss WBCN.

I'm hoping that WBCN employees like Chris Rucker, Juanita, Hardy, Bradley Jay, Angelle Wood, etc. find spots at other CBS or local Boston radio stations.

People are inquiring, where does that leave the Freedom Rally for radio station sponsorship? I don't know. If Cha Chi and Chris Rucker are still with CBS after this change over, we have to see if they want to do it at their new call letters. It's always been about the people.

And that's the message here. It really never was about the playlists or anything else but giving the people the microphone and control of the radio dial. BCN was great when it did that. Like they did with the Freedom Rally telling the suits off. When it went away from that in recent years, well we know what happened.

To the people, former and current WBCN employees, I have the great pleasure of knowing or just passing in the night at WBCN.

Charles Laquidara, Bradley Jay, Cha Chi, Chris Rucker, Hardy, Robby Roadsteamer, Deek, Carmelita, Oedipus, Shred, Juanita, Mark Hamilton.

Thank you for entertaining us and representing Boston.

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