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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dragons Den on CBC - Medical Marijuana Business in Victoria, BC

Link to youtube
"An entrepreneur from Victoria, BC pitches his medical marijuana business to the dragons and their uneducated and brainwashed minds can't cope. Only one dragon is sensible in regard to this mans huge opportunity yet because of most peoples biases he is afraid to invest because of what those biased people may do in regard to his other businesses. ie: stop frequenting them. Sad."


  1. It's unfortunately that was a loss for them not taking the deal, see how far our government has brainwashed the populous?

  2. Business people can see money to be made in it but they also know that the bigger businesses do not want competition. That is the big problem. I am glad one spoke up for what he was doing.

  3. I totally agree with that. This business could be a great help to treat illnesses but the problem is they see it in a wrong way. There is really something going on in Dragons' Den,and that will just lead you into losing your company. Check out our blog post and learn why Dragons' Den is the quickest way to lose your company.

  4. The post contains really beneficial information that will satisfy readers and can clarify things upon. You have you a nice way of presenting certain issue and seems to be so qualified medicine shoppe salisbury nc


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