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Sunday, October 11, 2009

This Time, Brown is Keeping it Clean - The Boston Globe

This time, Brown is keeping it clean - The Boston Globe

Sen. Scott Brown offers Web naysayer a job after 'F' word controversy - Framingham, MA - The MetroWest Daily News

Senator Causes Stir By Reading Profanity

"I was merely reading the things that they had written about me," Brown said in an interview. "What's the issue, exactly? I don't quite know what the big deal is, exactly."


He touched off a political firestorm in 2001 when he disparaged Democratic state Senator Cheryl Jacques and her domestic partner, Jennifer Chrisler, for deciding to have children. In an interview with the Globe, Brown said it was "not normal" for two women to have a baby. He also dismissed Jacques's role in the relationship as her "alleged family responsibilities." He later backed off his statements, saying he chose the wrong words.

Link to youtube
State Senator Brown defends profane comments and calling out high school kids by saying high school is teaching about rape and "anal sex".

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Again with "anal sex" and says he would do it again...
There's some "family values" right there.

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State Senator describes "how saddened and almost holding back tears" when dropping two F-bombs and publicly calling out by name some high school kids making fun of him on facebook at a school assembly. Says school teaches about "anal sex" and then uses that language on the radio in the morning with kids likely listening on the way to school, right after the incident...Audio is from the Tom Finneran show on WRKO 680-AM, February 13, 2007.

Link to radio interview on WRKO about incident

Brown Was Ready to Endorse Bush Chief of Staff

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