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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dumbing it Down on Medical Marijuana

CNN has a special "Mellowing it out on medical marijuana". Dr. Eric Goth talks about the need to "tease out" the intoxicating effects of marijuana yet Oxycontin and Marinol are more intoxicating and FDA approved. He then goes on to talk about THC levels when Marinol is FDA approved and is 100% THC. Finally he ends with "the FDA needs to approve it", never mentioning that research for decades has been blocked by the DEA and the federal government's crazy Schedule 1 for marijuana. With the government's war on marijuana still waging, Goth knows that the FDA approval would likely take another 1000 years. How can he say all of this when he knows that the FDA that he pitches for has approved stronger derivatives from the weaker leaf? He's ok with that but then he wants the weaker leaf off the market? Wow. When the lies are so out in your face it's not even funny. Just stupid. "Is CNN, mellowing out or just dumbing it down?"

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