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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Free Marc Emery Boston Rally! Today! Boo Birds and The Reasons Why We Do It

Comment left on article on our Marc Emery Rally that has been pushed back one day to today Sunday, same time and place.
Nov 12
Masscann why bother?

This is a waste of time Mike. Our state representatives could care less about Marc. He's going to do 5 years whether you like it or not. Barely anyone shows up to these rally's in Canada so I wouldn't be surprised if barely anyone shows up to this. Why waste your time to accomplish nothing when we need medical marijuana as well as legalization in our state? Have a good time however I won't waste my time on this.
Submitted by David () on Thu, 11/12/2009 - 15:03.

I'm expecting a good crowd on Sunday, better than Canada. This Rally isn't for the state reps.

The rain date might lose a few people but we've got a Suffolk NORML chapter with 500 members, girls4ganja, blog that gets some views, forwards, coverage, we will have a great turnout for a good cause and it will be fun! And inspiring those people to do more in Massachusetts as well as to help Marc Emery.

And you know what else? Our lobby day for medical is the next day at the state house? Yep and we will recruit more for that event at the Marc Emery Rally. We will network and create more of our own media. For Marc Emery and for the cause in Massachusetts. Pictures and video, like the poster which is currently featured as the Facebook profile pic of a Suffolk University NORML student. They've made their signs, posted them to facebook, and the conversation is taking place. Right here in this blog, on, on facebook. "Who's Marc Emery? What's that sign about?" Nobody should be criticizing the people's free actions. It's all good. If you are jealous or think you are smart but are really a dummy, get over yourself.

We just decrim'd in MA in November. We're making progress. Anything that brings people out and raises more awareness for this cause? All good.

Accomplish nothing? No. We are getting it done in Beantown.

And as far as Marc Emery, I'm proud to be helping him in a tough time.

This Sunday, Nov. 15th, 2009, meet out in front of the MA State House, right next to Boston Common at 2pm-4:20 and march to Monument hill on Boston Common.

Bring signs, cameras, video, and all your friends. Park Street Station on the T.

Sponsored by,, KOP Productions, and Suffolk University NORML.

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