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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Marc Emery's Prison Potcast - Episode #5 | Cannabis Culture Magazine

Marc Emery's Prison Potcast - Episode #5 | Cannabis Culture Magazine
Write to Marc at this address:

Marc Emery
CS #06032080
1451 Kingsway Avenue
Port Coquitlam, BC
V3C 1S2

You must include a return address on all mail.

Any mail including the following items will be considered contraband by the guards who read the mail, and will be returned to you at your cost!

* Stickers, labels, tape & correction fluid(white-out), post it notes
* Anything glued on (including cards and glitter glue)
* Stamps, envelopes, writing paper, lottery tickets
* Polaroid photos, photo albums, revealing photos & inappropriate material ie. Marijuana leaf, logos
* Musical Cards
* Address books, calendars
* Hardcover books, magazines, newspapers, crossword puzzles, etc. (exception: NEW soft cover books ordered online from or directly couriered from publisher or photo copied.)
* Paperclips, staples, pins
* Feathers, dried flowers, etc.
* Jewelery
* Telephone calling cards, plastic cards, laminated items
* Pencils, pens, sharp objects
* Excessive perfume, lipstick etc.
* Scanned positive for an illegal substance
* Unknown Substance
* Unknown sender
* Unknown senders
* Court ordered No Contact

Ideas of what you can send Marc!

* Soft covered books ordered ONLY from
* Letters telling Marc what you are currently doing to support him
* Photos of you with your FREE MARC EMERY t-shirt
* Photos of you actively supporting Marc

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