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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Bill Stuck in Committee, But You Can Help!

An email from Terry Franklin.

Hi All,

The bill in the MA legislature to permit medical marijuana is stuck in committee, and has been delayed until next year.

Lots of people went to the State House last week to lobby for it. And the word from MassCann is that committee chairman Sanchez is the "roadblock."

Now is the time for everyone to send him an email. Be polite, don't complain, (or refer to him as "roadblock," etc). Just urge that he allow the bill come up for a vote, and speak of compassion for the sick.

If you are a constituent of his (the district covers parts of Brookline & Boston) by all means mention that. But write him in any case -- there is usually no way to tell where you are located by looking at an email address. You could be a constituent. Even with an out of state college address, you might be a constituent away at school. Besides, politicians like to be on good terms with people outside their district. They might run for higher office later.

So get those letters flooding in!

His address:

("You can also call his office and request to speak to one of his aides, which is even more effective, call, 617-722-2130"; Mike Cann)


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  1. <span>Please read This Post!

    The last line talks about research for PTSD. If not for cancer PT. Then how about medicine For our

    Troops returning from War.

    They felt the taxpayers should be informed that there was every legitimate reason for the field of public health to continue large scale research on cannabis medicine and therapies. All the participants, it seems, believed this. Many of them (such as Mechoulam) believed that cannabis would be one of the world’s major medicines by the mid-1980s. In March 1997, Mechoulam, in a speech at the Bio-Fach in Frankfurt, Germany, still believed that cannabis is the world’s best overall medicine. In 2006 Mechoulam started using cannabis to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)</span>


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