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Friday, November 6, 2009

Mike Cann news, Metropolitan Pictures

I'm going to be doing some consulting for a local indie movie studio that has already broken through with some amazing feats. It seems like the perfect job for my interest, skill level, with real opportunity to blow up. Wish me luck. If you know any sponsors or potential investors, let me know. Follow-up to their first big hit, indie soon & new NESN boxing reality show coming out next month!

The owner of this company, Scott Matalon sponsored the 20th Boston Freedom Rally, Stingray Bodyart Second Stage.

Written & Directed by Warren Lynch

97-minute Cult Comedy/Horror about cannibalism, necromancy...and plastic ponies!

Released in March 2007 by distributor Brain Damage Films domestically & Internationally, available at and Blockbuster.

One of only four movies made in Boston by Bostonians in last 10 years to receive this level of distribution.

The film features music from some local names including Dave Tree's SuperPower. Speaking of Dave Tree, he didn't win the Boston Mayorial election but apparently judging from some facebook posts he did get some votes. Pretty decent considering he didn't campaign, raise money, field volunteers or even have a campaign website. He just made two videos with Mike Cann..

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