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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Prime Time Pot Propaganda

How the White House secretly hooked network TV on its anti-drug message: A Salon special report.
Advertisements urging parents to love their kids and keep them off drugs dot urban bus stops across America. Anti-drug commercials fill Channel One in the nation's schools and the commercial breaks of network TV -- most notably a comely, T-shirt-clad waif trashing her kitchen to demonstrate the dangers of heroin. We've come a long way from Nancy Reagan's clenched-teeth "Just Say No."

Few Americans, however, know of a hidden government effort to shoehorn anti-drug messages into the most pervasive and powerful billboard of all -- network television programming.

This episode of the Wayan Brothers tv show? Paid for by the Office for National Drug Control Policy with our tax money to spread propaganda. Done in secret with no disclosure. Isn't that still illegal under payola statutes? Another government funded agency breaking the law?

Link to youtube

Link to youtube

Link to youtube

1 comment:

  1. Nice show hehe, thanks for the link. Also, we are just brainwashed sheeple it seems :(


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