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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why is Florida Governor Charlie Christ stalling extradition for an accused mafia hitman?

"One day I had a contract on a man. They had paid me a lot of money to kill this person. I traveled over many states, and walked into the man’s house one day, pulled out my pistol, and put a bullet in everybody’s head." Jimmy Hughes.

How did Jimmy Hughes carry on for this many years admitting he murdered people while he was also a chief suspect in an unsolved triple murder?

Ties to political players, Hughes in an interview says he worked for the CIA and was later protected by the FBI in exchange for information.

Sounds like the FBI-Whitey Bulger all over again. Protecting mafia serial killers for what? To protect their secrets?

More from Jimmy Hughes in his own words from the link above.
"One day, the Godfather called me and gave me an order to kill a suspect for thirty thousand dollars. To my surprise, I knew this guy; we used to be friends. But in the mafia, ‘business is business.’ When I arrived at the guy’s home, I was no longer a normal person; I had been exposed to so much violence that I had become a demon. I said hi to the guy and went into his house.

He never imagined that he had just opened the door to death. But inside the mansion, there were five other people who were drinking and snorting cocaine. I thought, ‘I must get this done for the $30,000 that I was being paid;’ however, I did not know who the other five were. Then I thought to myself that I would do a service to society by doing them all. The other five would be added to the contract… for free."

Why would this man confess to all this? Because he's still working for them and uses his confessions as a cover professing to be a reformed man with God? It's not like he hadn't been named publicly in the past as a suspect. Put it out, apologize, and he can go back to work with a charity God fearing bible front? Because he knows he is still a protected asset? Many charities in foreign countries are known fronts for the CIA. Not saying this church in Honduras is that but it makes you wonder.
Self-described Mafia hit-man James “Jimmy” Hughes, 52, was arrested on September 26 as he boarded a plane at Miami-Dade International Airport heading for Honduras. The fugitive warrant lists three counts of murder and conspiracy to commit a crime for the 1981 execution-style murder of Cabazon Tribal Council Vice-Chairman Fred Alvarez, his friend Ralph Boger, and Patricia Castro in Rancho Mirage, California.

Why is the office of the Governor of Florida, Charlie Christ holding up the extradition of this alleged murderer?

It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that this mafia group was associated with well known Republicans and it would bring shame to his party? Or maybe he's feeling some pressure like this police detective?

An email to a tv news reporter from a Riverside County Sheriff's Department homicide detective regarding this cast of characters and this scandal.
"My actions in this matter go against everything I believe in, and this case is very difficult for me to walk away from, especially with the allegations that involve the deaths of Investigator Dave McGowan and his family. But I am conceding to a higher power (my wife) and trying to give her some peace of mind. I cannot look her in the eyes and tell her that I am willing to risk the life of my family by pursuing this."

For more background on this scandal, an investigation by reporter Nathan Baca at KESQ-TV, News Channel 3, who won an Emmy for his 35-part series entitled “The Octopus Murders."

You can also read our previous blog on Jimmy Hughes arrest.

Governor Christ order your staffer to sign the extradition as soon as possible. This case needs to be heard in a court of law.

When will the national media cover this mess? Biggest scandal in my opinion since Iran Contra or Watergate and practically no coverage beyond this one local tv news station? What gives on that? High Times, Cannabis Culture, you should take a look at this.

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  1. I hope some folks are still following this story, as it ties to some big problems in our Country.  It seems like all information regarding this case has dissapeared off the KESQ website. The journalist who did the work has been moved to a new job in Vegas, and I suspect this story could just go away.  How they might make that emmy dissapear, I don't know.....


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