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Thursday, December 10, 2009

America Drug Free Youtube is on Meth: "The Consequences of Smoking Marijuana"

"marijuana is a gateway drug. most users continue with crystal meth after the first times they smoked the herb. sometimes it's takes a little bit longer. anyhow people who continue to use drugs look like these poor people in the end."

Wow, how stupid can you get? Is it any wonder that marijuana legalization is now more popular than ever. You can't lie about our life experiences. Most have tried pot and did not go onto meth. 100 million plus Americans have tried pot, less than a half million hard users of meth, cocaine, and heroin. Still swinging and missing with a no longer believable myth.


  1. The ONLY reason we have synthetic drugs out there is because the safest and most beneficial one as been banned for not only a incorrect reason, but also a racist one. The law should be pulled from the books for that reason alone. Prohibition is the root cause of All Synth drugs.

  2. Over near the left side of this page is an add for, a branch of the Church Of Scientology. I ordered their booklet set, they sort of hide their scientology connection but not that well if you dig into it, the CoS does it for credibility, so they can't hide it too well.

  3. thanks, I'll look into blocking their ads. I can't stand cults. I blocked Narconon for that same reason...


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