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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Conservator Melodie Jo Scott under investigation

Conservator Melodie Jo Scott under investigation
A state agency denies a license for the former president of the industry group that represents professional guardians and says she made false claims on her application. She denies lying.....

Until this year, conservators, who control the healthcare and finances
of adults deemed in Probate Court to be incapable of looking after
themselves, were less regulated than hairdressers and guide-dog

If folks need a license to cut hair, why do people managing millions of dollars with the big time potential to commit fraud do not? I'm a small fish in another somewhat related field and I have to have dozens of licenses both locally and nationally, plus insurance and bonding, etc. This is insane or just par for the course when the fraudsters own the government officials?

More related to the scandal and possible fraud related to professional trust guardians, click the tag below for Courtney Love Cobain.

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