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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Courtney Love Cobain's claims? So far they are checking out

I've been doing some more research and surprise, surprise Courtney's claims so far seem to be right on target.

I keep expecting to find out that I'm gullible to buy all this but so far she's proving it. Trust your gut, Mike Cann. Well and back it up. That's all I'm doing here and so far? This looks like a real story.

We'll start with this story from the New York Daily News.
Courtney Love has moved back to New York - driven out of Los Angeles by double-crossing employees she says "tried to take me to the loony bin."

Love tells us she's sought refuge here after people on her payroll enlisted off-duty, gun-wielding cops to stage bogus "raids" on her Malibu home in a bid to help themselves to the fortune of her late husband, Kurt Cobain.

Rehabbed rocker Love, who was ordered to have a hospital observation in 2003, vouches that she was sober last year when men claiming to be LAPD and Malibu sheriff's officers came to her house three times with "trumped-up John Doe warrants" to get her (rather than a court-issued psychiatric hold order).

One night, Love says, "a flood of guys, at least 10, came to my house. They said there was an ambulance outside, even though we never saw one. I tried to be charming. But one of the guys points a gun at me. My daughter, Frances, ran and hid under the house."

Love says the standoff was defused by a private investigator she'd hired and who later urged her to get tighter security.

Corroborating Love's harrowing tale are Adam DelMonte and Michael Kenworthy of AC Digital Services, who say they recorded the "blitz" on security cameras they installed in Love's house. "These impostors then flipped the situation on Mrs. Cobain and tried to strong-arm her and scare her into feeling she needed to hire them for protection," DelMonte and Kenworthy assert in a letter. "Fortunately, we were able ... to get them out of her life."

Love's computer consultants at AC Digital also say they found evidence that her former staffers attempted to divert funds "to senior citizen housing developments and property all throughout the United States [and installed] numerous types of spyware on her computers and her phone. Both her camera and microphone on her cell phone were bugged at one point, and her computer is so riddled with viruses that anyone could hack in."

Courtney Love Cobain do an interview with me. I want the guys from AC Digital and your lawyer on the phone. All of you for a phone interview. And release those tapes to youtube, girl.

There's more...

Will be uploading some court documents related to the Frances Bean Cobain Irrevocable Trust and Laird Norton Tyee Trust Company, later today.

Another question related to that for Courtney Love Cobain.

What settlement between the two defendants was reached in this case? Why did First Republic drop it? I got questions and Courtney Love Cobain, you got some answers and my attention. I'm listening.

Off to do some more research on a Mr. Howard Weitzman.

To follow this story from my first blog on it, click the tag below "Courtney Love Cobain"...


  1. dude can you lose the pot leaf logo on yr header? it's tacky and gives all of this less credibility to the majority reading (not me, but...).

  2. interesting.  I wonder why she is being a target.  I hope you get the interview with her. 


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