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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Courtney Love Cobain's Latest Facebook Posting

From Courtney Love Cobain's facebook:
wich takes us down to 1200 pne island road plantation florida the home of the 1446 Broiadway Knickerbocker hote.l may 2007 Kurt d Cobain fein mrtagge fraud comitted using 9 llcs with variants but its "6 times square llc MEZZ" in albany ny changed FEIN#s 3 times in 07 between jan and april and SITT is the registred agent, he changes his 2 m... See More $ sale of a 300,000,000$ building wich noone would ever ever give an indivual a "wamu" loan and frst american title ( the titles are just lazzzy) and the address becomes for thw llc the fl one, there you can find every cpa i have ever had, 1024 staringllc owned by lester knispel ypou cna find theresa kobanejolly and 19 kurt cobains, youc an find victioria LAKe Blake and Jirnov and her endless insanity and her emails to Laird Norton that continue to this day, she frames me and fucks my daughter and kim cobain ahhh but curtis porinted it all out you addled crazed cunt ms jirnov, and there isnt a harddrive you or "geri" have ever touched that isnt in the right hands, how long can you all keep gpoing on the confidence that noone believes me or will? HA! got you fucks now, and then some, so now i get to pick who goes to jail 1st would be Potter and Blake Jirbnov and rodriguez steves just for being cunts then the big piggies, so JIRNOV "CPA" swagger bitch swagger. YOU put down the "pipe"

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