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Friday, December 4, 2009

Dark Victory, Ronald Reagan, MCA, and the Mob

Dark Victory: Ronald Reagan, MCA, and the Mob
Check out the first chapter of this book from 1986 that details how MCA (who were working with mafioso) got special rights from Ronald Reagan when he was the Screen Actors Guild Union head, handing them an empire. How MCA returned the favor, making Reagan a millionaire and how Reagan's people later protected MCA from a tough prosecutor trying to investigate MCA's mob ties. First chapter is published at the link above.

Think Hollywood and the Mafia can't pull the strings all the way up to the White House? Think again.
President Ronald Reagan's professional life--his acting career, his personal financial fortune, and his rise in politics--has been interwoven with and propelled by a powerful, Hollywood-based entertainment conglomerate named MCA. For nearly fifty years, Reagan has benefited both personally and financially from his association with this sixty-two-year-old company--formerly known as the Music Corporation of America--as well as from his close association with the firm's top executives: Jules Stein, Lew Wasserman, and Taft Schreiber.

Everyone involved has greatly profited from this relationship. MCA helped to make its client, actor Ronald Reagan, a multimillionaire; and the favors that were returned by Reagan, the former president of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the former governor of California, have helped to transform MCA into a billion-dollar empire and the most powerful force in the entertainment world today.

And there's more. Remember when Reagan conveniently couldn't remember details about the Iran Contra Scandal. It wasn't the first time he pulled that trick.
When President Reagan says that he has forgotten important details about the Iran-contra affair, there is ample precedent for his inability to recall key events. On Feb. 5, 1962 -- the day before his 51st birthday -- he appeared as a witness before a federal grand jury in Los Angeles.

"I don't want to appear as though I am trying deliberately to be vague," Reagan said, responding to questions about some of the most important events of his term as president of the Screen Actors Guild. "But, as I say, I would like you to realize in my history of holding an office with the guild, my memory is like a kaleidoscope of meetings, that I am sure if I sat down with someone and started in, I could then recall the details . . . ."

Moldea on MCA, the Mafia and the corruption of Ronald Reagan on CNN in 1986.

Reagan , Hollywood , and the Mob

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