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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Email I Received from Courtney Love Cobain's Assistant

Here is an email from a former assistant found by Kroll on Courtneys modem.

10.19.2003 09:55
This document is a fax of what is believed to be an email but there are no email details thereon. Document is addressed to MISSMGT which is name used by VB.

Email says:

"she's getting uppity, you've got to get rid of the ANTHRO and the Hold. (the Storage spaces she’s becoming obsessed with them) She said she saw someone out in her coat at Charlies. I've told the attorneys on you guys’s list that she's high on smack and needs desperate help (she does for being a bitch from hell). They keep calling and today at the office finally the DA called. I did exactly as I was paid to do, and stuck to the story line, she’s mentally ill, on smack, crack etc, also got two new CCs today so make sure they pre-approve the New Amex and the Fleet Visa (used FB’s ssn and KC’s ssn and FBC’s trust Fund Fein for the wires I sent to JB and group in MA, AL, AR, but I need to have the right lists so I can just wire from the Mac and not have to go into Comerica Or CNB- AND I have the FEIN for LN). I know you got those idiots thinking she Diverted/Stole as much as possible but I noted today that that particular bank account was still open- I opened 4 CLC mortgage Brokerages in Alberta and Closed the CLC acquisitions in Maricopa County.


They may start to believe her for a start. IF she keeps obsessing and she demands to see the computer. And Cardenas and Barber told us she tried to have our office rigged with a nanny cam, SHE is, and the rest of the software Barber put in her and FBs phones and shit. McCourt and Barber had better be more careful, when she was doing her “notary thing” the other day she didn’t look like a notary and was high off her head on blow! Bernice said she called family services and asked me to. I'm sorry that's just too far. For too little. I want another 100k for that. Cash. It's spiraling out of control and I want you to know that my name is on these cash forms.

I saw Lane at the Bar with Frank. They guarantee me they will pay her back before she notices what's gone. How? Its way past 20 million dollars and the Sterling guys and New Act (Laura) and CL’s people are getting weirder, Selvaggi sent himself 800k I was told, wtf? Where’s mine? I'm feeling uncomfortable. Can you put Gina or Dean's or Poop O’Cunty’s name on the cash packets please? How is it going with my BMW? Or am I getting a SAAB? I WANT the BMW. Melissa got FOUR BMW’s. JIM GOT A PORSCHE. AND HALF THE COUNTRY And HALF of FRANCE And the UK! My name is on these cash forms and you aren't being careful. Ms. Cunt has btw a child. I don't feel that bad they are both rotten. Never thought I'd say that about a ten year old. But rotten is as rotten gives. Arranged for the "auction" they won't do it until Christmas. I’ve written down everything, all the jewelry from ‘99 except the earrings Melissa’s saying she gets to keep. All the kids “art”, anything of KC’s I could find, all her nice clothes that Robert and I and everyone have taken over the years (The Bacon, the Sam Taylor Wood, the Finster which Jim says is HIS and he wants in his NYC house, I had BETTER get a NYC HOUSE out of all this and I dropped off and had LM Pagallo drop off a bunch of Cages shit on Summit at the house).

Michelle got some roofies from Bruce Willis which she keeps drinking the wrong pitcher but when she does …ahh finally peace.

Be Careful cause although she deserves every bit, including death, she's not worth jail.

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