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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mom Grows Medical Marijuana in MA: Boston Phoenix

A weed grows in Boston - Lifestyle Features - Boston Phoenix
"Even though it's a crisp November day, the flower boxes of Mary Jones's neat little bungalow are overflowing with brightly colored blooms. The bubbly mother of three has her utility vehicle parked in the driveway. Her hair is perfectly coiffed, her blond highlights glimmer in the late-fall sun. She looks like she could be a real-estate broker, and seeing the rock on her manicured finger, I imagine for a moment that her husband is a doctor or a lawyer. Mary would, in fact, be the ideal soccer mom, except that one of her now-grown sons played football, and rather than working in real estate, she grows and sells marijuana.

She's Boston's own real-life Nancy Botwin, the protagonist of the Showtime dramedy Weeds."
Seven page feature written by my friend, Valerie Vande Panne. Awesome job, Val! Front page story, pick that shit up!

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