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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More on Monjack, Brittany Murphy's husband

Is someone trying to harm Brittany Murphy?

And when her then-boyfriend, Simon Monjack, disappeared for 10 days in April, Murphy claimed he had been kidnapped by agents of this mysterious figure, says the source.

"When he came back, he had head injuries," says the former insider. "He was pale and sometimes had trouble standing."

Not only that, but the former staffer also claims Murphy said she was unable to pay him because the money had been used for ransom.

However, the alleged kidnapping seems to exactly coincide with the dates reported by The National Enquirer that Monjack, a British citizen, was jailed by U.S. immigration authorities for overstaying his visa.
Read more from this 1997 story in the New York Daily News.

"Large amounts" of prescription medications were found on Murphy's nightstand, and the coroner also found "numerous empty" bottles of prescriptions written to Murphy, her mom, Monjack and unidentified third-party names, the notes said, according to TMZ.
Read more from yesterday:

Strange development, Perez Hilton in one of his stories related to this situation goes off into a bizarre attack of Courtney Love Cobain instead of asking about the husband of Murphy? Hello, Perez, get a clue. Cover the story, you're an empty hater, we got it. But cover the story, dummy.

And speaking of Courtney Love, her public facebook group is no more. Seems she still has a private account but her public group disappeared sometime yesterday. No word from Courtney why she decided to take it down. Her daughter, would be my guess.

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