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Monday, December 7, 2009

Quiet Desperation Episode 14

Quiet Desperation Episode 14 with Mike Cann. Robby Roadsteamers's online show might run on local Boston television and all over New England in just the next few months. Be very nice to see it. Lots of weed in this episode which I hear is part of the pilot episode in a show that always smokes. And it's been really popping off the screen for the last several episodes. It's gained more than a buzz, an audience that wants the next episode.

First shooting for me with this show and fun to see Robby doing his thing and see them work their characters.

Bigg Nez!

Chris Coxen. And the agent, Tom Dustin. Mehran the kind of gay Iranian. Hardy from WBCN and the Sports Zone playing the straight cousin. "I'm in here doing my dope will that get you to leave me alone?"

High Times inspired for sure. Did Robby Roadsteamer steal the bit about not smoking cigs but only cannabis at the house party? What do you think? Roadsteamer is like the Fonz but he can do another new thing tomorrow to the top and still be the Fonz! Ay! Robby Roadsteamer back on local TV soon! With weed humor and truth.

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