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Friday, December 11, 2009

The Reason Why Tupac Shot The 2 Off Duty Police Officers

"The Reason Why Tupac Shot The 2 Police Officers
So people know the truth behind the shooting.

Edited by: Drazan aka Drazo
D to Da Z Productions

In October 1993, in Atlanta, two brothers and off-duty police officers, Mark and Scott Whitwell, were with their wives celebrating Mrs. Whitwell's recent passing of the state bar examination. As they crossed the street, a car passed by them or "almost struck them", after which the Whitwells began an altercation with the driver and passengers, which was then joined by a second passing car. One officer was shot in the buttocks, and the other in the leg, back, or abdomen, according to varying news reports. There were no other injuries, but Mark was charged with firing at Shakur's car and later lying to the police during the investigation, and Shakur with the shooting, until prosecutors decided to drop all charges against all parties.

Morpreme tells why 2Pac shot two off duty police officers that day...REAL TALK."

Tupac, "Who told Mark Dice about the Illuminati?" by MikeCann


  1. love. what can you say about this? i mean everything we are told about everything..... it's all so sad and yet so amazing.  I nevr met tupac but the stories i hear of him move my heart a great deal at times.

  2. I have always thought Tupac was very talented and he was taken well before his time.  The more research I do on his death, the more I see what a a great individual he really was.  Growing up I would hear of all the various "incidents" he was involved in and it really jaded my mind to believe he was just another "thug" all be it a very talented one.  However, I know see the truth behind who he REALLY was and what REALLY transpired during all of his various "incidents".  Oh where the world could be if he was still here.  At least he was of this world long enough to make an impact and he still continues to speak even after his death.

  3. I like Mopreme Harding's take on it, but I think he left out what Tupac's lawyer told me and the Atlanta Journal Constitution said were that the copls smashed his window and then shot at Tupac. They did this with a gun stolen from an evidence locker which is called a "throwaway gun" according to a New York police detective. Such guns are used to toss with an illegal shooting is done by cops, or to plant on someone. This was attempt number four, if you look at the evidence, by U.S. Intelligence to murder Tupac due to his leftwing activism.

  4. The man spits at the cam and tupac was bound for death a disrespecting nigger

  5. Fuck West Coast! Tupac deserved to die Yo!MTV raps style.
    Rap is East Coast ALWAYS.
    West Coast Nigglers stick with liquor store robberies.

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    2. You little shit...WEST COAST FOR LIFE IDIOT!

  6. Boy,when they say POT MAKES NOTHING HAPPEN,just look at how white-turd-crusty-old this "story" is! 2009,my nutsac! LOFL!

  7. Although there are many scumbags out there, i believe 2pac was not one of them. But it seems like people are split both ways. And however you feel, don't call him a nigger. You're the one who's being disrespectful

  8. Please shut the hell up about tupac being dead. Everyone knows its not true. Bout as accurate as saying ous system isn't curropt.

  9. 2pac was a Mother Fucking Gangsta!

  10. I'm glad you're researching. I WILL be back.

  11. Whats the point of the audio? Doesnt have shit to do with the article. Dude talks about how the illuminati is a trap and how you shouldnt talk about them because it gives them more power then proceeds to talk about them for the entire length of the video. Waste of time.


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