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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Supporters, Opponents Debate Wisconsin Medical Marijuana Proposal

"A Republican opponent of allowing medical marijuana in Wisconsin accused Democratic backers of the proposal of using chronically ill patients to push a secret agenda of making pot legal for everyone. Jessica Arp reports."

Rep. Leah Vukmir states her opposition claiming she's worried about the children yet marijuana prohibition makes it easier for kids to get pot! She then claims there are "other ways that we can help people" and that medical marijuana supporters are not being honest. Well Rep. Vukmir I've tried all the "other" legal medicines for my back pain and found them all to be dangerous for my health. Poison, death is your solution? How compassionate of you. I don't want that kind of help, I want medical marijuana. Who are you to decide my life? Not being honest, Rep. Vukmir? You aren't being honest, you know nothing of this subject or are a straight up liar, which is it? Have you talked to any medical users?

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