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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Terry Franklin Reports on Jardis; Epping, NH hearing‏

Hi All,

For those new here this week, I'll do a brief review:

LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) is an anti- Drug War organization made up of retired cops, and some on-duty cops who keep there views secret.

Brad Jardis of Epping, NH is apparently the only on-duty LEAP police officer in the country who is "out of the closet" and very outspoken with his views.

There was a public hearing on Monday on a request by his chief that he be fired.

Surprisingly he wasn't -- at least for now. The Select Board conducting the hearing was pissed off about pressure from the NH State Attorney General to terminate him. Congratulations for the S.B. for being local officials who can stand up to pressure. And congratulations to Brad for demonstrating that the First Amendment can still work.

The bumper stickers in Epping NH say "Epping is the Center of the Universe." Perhaps they will become so, when this story gets out!

Here are a couple of videos from the Ridley Report on the hearing. The quality is not the best, but they're pretty good anyway:


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