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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Texas medical marijuana, MS Patient Tim Timmons fights back and Pharmacist says take this pill

"Texas medical marijuana patient Tim Timmons is forced -- via the cronyism politics of Governor Rick Perry -- to support organized crime -- and purely because he lives with chronic pain. After 23 years of secondary multiple sclerosis, Timmons is housebound and bedfast and requires full-time nursing assistance."

Check out the sharp pharmacist lady at the end. She's humble with her vast knowledge of cannabis and how an MS patient gets relief. She knows her stuff. And the local media tv news, they check it all out and make sure it's been fact checked and not in dispute. ;)

Take this pill with ridiculous side effects, a higher cost, and the pharmacist gets a cut. Great answer, Ms. Smarty Pants pharmacist. Take this pill. Stupid thinks she's smart when she's nothing but a dirtbagger plowing over an MS patient.


  1. What that lady doesnt understand is that thc isnt the only active ingredient in marijuana, and it alone is not as effective as regular pot. If her problem is the whole smoking thing, well theres always edibles like brownies and such. Of course these would be alot eaier to obtain if there were medical marijuan dispenseraries =/

  2. Marinol is but one cannaboid, though the main one.  There is a European Pharmacuetical company investigating the whole plant and has a product called "Sativex" that is made from the whole plant.

    They have found out that the different cannaboids do different things.  One actually decreases psychosis, yes, the thing the claim marijuana causes.

    Marijuana has never killed anyone.  Now add some alcohol or prescription drugs to the mix, those might kill you but the pot will not.

    The other problems with Marinol and other THC based medicines is first, getting a prescription for it in the first place and two, they are cost prohibitive, especially if you have no insurance or your insurance deems it an unnecessary drug and won't cover it.

  3. "Marinol" is 15 dollars a pill. They have marked it up 3,000 percent. 


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