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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Where is America's cannabis capital? And have you moved to another state for better cannabis laws?

NORML's latest blog names a surprising city as America's number 1 cannabis capital. It's not Boston. Even though I think we are close to it, if not number one for users. The Boston market unlike the city that NORML names is still 100% underground.

Some have called it the "green rush".

As predicted by many in marijuana reform, a brain drain is on, to the first states that have adopted reasonable medical marijuana laws. Some of the best and brightest young folks have or are planning to move to states with better laws on marijuana. To California, Maine, Rhode Island, and yes to Colorado. I know some who have left and others who are making plans to do the same. Leaving MA and New York. The states that legalize it first will continue to gain new workers that are the best and brightest contributors to their community? You want a vibrant arts and music scene? Open medical marijuana dispensaries in Boston. It's creating a boom in Denver, Boulder, Los Angeles, and Oakland.

Have you recently or are you planning to move to a state with better laws on marijuana?

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