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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why I got fired from Bank of America

Woman writes, "This is a true story about why I was fired from Bank of America."

Unreal, how Bank of America has worse credit than their customers, yet they are legally able to create and lend money out of thin air at less than 1% interest (not from their deposits, think about that for a second) and then they demand fees and 20%+ interest from poor clients? This is evil. Bank of America blew a free lunch so now they screw their customers. F the bankers, seriously.

And this young lady, she rules. You can sleep well knowing you did the right thing.

Myself, I quit a 100,000 job for very similiar reasons. I couldn't sleep knowing the company I was working for was purposely fucking good people out of their life savings.

This lady is so right on, they always say the customer comes first but then they ask you to screw them and not to even think about it. Caring is not allowed. Do evil for the corporation. F that. Young lady you are on your way, trust me on that. In the short run, you might have some tough times financially but when it's all said and done, you will be better off, trust me on that. Keep keeping your head up, it's contagious. You really did help people. Love to you.

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