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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Activist asks Russ from NORML about MPP's Monopoly medical marijuana Initiative in Nevada

From James Crosby, "they answer a question by me, James Crosby, about what MPP is doing in Nevada / Arizona. Again: Listen to the "after the show", the last 10 mins or so, and listen for the question asked by James Crosby. Thanks :)"

Nice job, James Crosby and Russ from NORML.

Russ makes the same points that both James and I have made about MPP's Nevada 2012 medical marijuana initiative.

Why push a ballot initiative that excludes the option for medical patients to grow their own? When any ballot initiative with the words "medical marijuana" is sure to pass. It polls at 70-80%, no issue is more popular at the polls than medical marijuana. So why go with a restrictive, government monopoly initiative?

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