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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Alex Jones, cointelpro or blowhard big ego?

Alex Jones is a popular coinspiracy theorist. He's often called on by people who claim that he's working for the government. I have no documented proof but have noticed some of his curious behavior over the years. Circumstantial evidence is obviously not enough to call the man cointelpro.

But after this video, on purpose or not, does it really make a difference?

Watch him steamroll a group of like minded citizens holding a protest.

Alex Jones exposes Alex Jones

Alex Jones Turns Peaceful Austin Demonstration Into CHAOS

Alex Jones, "You Gotta Hard On for Me"

Consider the strange situation regarding Hal Turner, who for years posed as a right wing, conspiracy theorist only to be later arrested with a defense that he was working for the FBI.

Alex Jones, cointelpro or egomaniac, does it even make a difference? He discredits everything and everybody he comes into contact with.

1 comment:

  1. what a bunch of crap stop spreading rumors about alex jones. you obviously have nothing to base your information on. the guy behind the camera was acting like a child "i got you on recording that you weren't going to talk and you did! haha!" and the girl was just complaining about something totally insignificant and needs to realize what alex has stepped up to fight for for the people. why doesn't she use that energy she has and make some use out of herself and start her her own show?


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