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Monday, January 4, 2010

Amazing Reality Celebrity Television; Brett the Hitman Hart returns to the WWE

WWE video

Shaun Michaels faces the champion he screwed over a decade ago. A story that was featured on television and later a really well done documentary about the business of wrestling. Last time Brett Hart did a WWE show, he knocked out the owner, Vince McMahon backstage for real. Tonight, two wrestlers settle the score without any bullshit and this time the owner doesn't show up or get knocked out. Real on the television then back to the regular scheduled drivel.

Finale from Bret Hitman Hart - "Wrestling with Shadows" knocking out the owner of WWE, the sleaze behind that industry. Play the workers against each other, encourage them to lie and backstab each other, no unions, no days off. They treat their star like this, you know how they do it for the rest.

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