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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Animal lovers rescue dozens of animals set for euthanasia

Some of my friends on facebook recently traveled to the Gaston Animal Control, Gastonia County, in Dallas, NC and rescued many of the animals you see in this video.

Unfortunately, they were not allowed to pull them all. Many get gassed and this smiling head of Animal Control? We should gas him. Thank you to all the volunteers and the reporter at tv station WCNC for covering this.

Rescue group saves dogs and cats on execution date
Seven dogs and three cats were pulled from the Gaston County Animal Shelter on Friday morning, on the very day they were scheduled to die.

The mass adoption came courtesy of Help Save One, a Rhode Island animal rescue group that regularly pulls unwanted pets from Gaston and other shelters before routing them to new homes. But the supporters who attended Friday’s event did so to speak out against the use of carbon monoxide gas in animal euthanasia, as well as to raise awareness about irresponsible pet owners.

Adopt from shelters, don't buy from stores or breeders.
Support who are doing some great work, please consider adopting one of these dogs. They need many new homes. Facebook group

Pictures above and below: "The gas chamber is hidden behind the shelter and out of view from the public. Behind this door is where the animals die a slow death by gas" and "A little cutie safe and warm in rescue arms" courtesy of Marnie Hall and Carmelita.

Not rescued and for no good reason other than that animal control would not release.
Facebook link to see the rest of their pictures

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