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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Courtney Love Cobain, back on twitter & facebook, new tour, suing American Express

Courtney Love's legal woes continue, counter-suing American Express

Courtney Love Cobain twitter
Courtney's back posting about the PBOC "Private Bank of California", Britney Spears, and the lawyer, Geraldine Wyle (pictured above). Love Cobain once again goes in that Britney Spears is a victim of abuse from her own father who is in charge of her conservatorship.

"@fairnewsspears AFTER i spoke to Jessica SPears and she told me she has witnessed Jaimie Spears Molesting Brtiney and other peeps, i posted"

Courtney Love Cobain on facebook

link to new Courtney Love Cobain twitter video

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