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Friday, January 22, 2010

Fox 25 Boston: Interview with Joseph L. Kennedy
Joe Kennedy says he'd do it again with more money behind his campaign.


  1. we really need to get this guy in

  2. Agree on that but always feeling the Alex Jones links are not something I even want to look at anymore. Haha. Call me a skeptic on his whole thing. Not that he doesn't present some truth but there's other issues I have with his crowd. I wish I could definitively say more but I really can't. I'm not really a street person but I always keep it my head, and my street mind say, "Alex Jones, run in the opposite direction". And that's not based on just a hunch but spending some serious time looking at his info and taking much into account....

  3. How can we raise enough money for someone like this  who has no corporate backing... What can be done.

  4. More indiependent media, websites, larger networks of groups on facebook. Once it reaches a critical mass then you have it. Like Ron Paul did. We can do it in MA. We are 1/10th the way there. With two years? I'll have 10,000 fans on facebook by then. If we can find 30 others to do the same? Then we have something. Get Joe Kennedy's facebook group up to 20,000 fans. We can do it. Build pages, youtube accounts, facebook groups and promote it. Together we can do much. If we had 20,000 people give $25? We can do that. If 30 people really commit to it. I will be there.


  6. One of Scott Brown's people stated to me that Medical marijuana is BS. Watch out Mass, or you get it in the ass.


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