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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hectic, "That's how I met Kanye West and won these sneakers"

Hectic, "That's how I met Kanye West and won these sneakers"
Hectic tells us how he met Kanye West and won a pair of sneakers from Termanology. For those not up to date on hip hop, a drop is a spot on his mix tape/cd. To have Kanye West perform into a microphone for a few seconds for a song that Hectic would produce, put out to the street.

Yes we have ganja grammas reading, thanks for reminding me to clarify Steve Bloom, my A++++ list editor.


  1. a guest spot on his mix tape which is really a cd..

    Lot of the hip hop artists pay for them and some get them for free. Some steal them "sample".. and others go to the shows or studios and say give me one verse for my new mix cd.

    Statik Selektah from Boston, I was an apt mate of his for a few months back almost 10 years back. He was working at a local radio station and doing live shows and making mixes that he would put out, sampling major artists "illegally" and then putting them with locals and with new production behind it. It got popular and he nows works with the people he was sampling.

    In that music, drops, mixes on the street can make a star of somebody with the hustle and music behind it.

    See Termanology and Statik Selektah.

  2. And I shouldn't really say "illegally", it's kind of a gray area and how it's done. If you put it out through Universal Records you have to pay for the music. If it's for the clubs or a live show or a freebie promo download or you don't really sell it or at cost? Nobody seems to care if the net is positive for the artists sampled. If you are good enough. Haha. That's the trick.If you are good enough the artists you sample call and you produce their next one for real...

  3. <span>a guest spot on his mix tape which is really a cd.

  4. <span>a guest spot on his mix, his audio recordings, his production for a song.


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