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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Local Mom speaks out for marijuana reform

Jenn is a Boston area mother, wife, model and actress. She's open about her use of cannabis. There's obviously still some risk for her, so she's asked that we not reveal her last name and we of course will honor that.

When and why did you decide to be open about your use of cannabis?

I decided about four years ago to be open about it. Prior to this, I was working as an Asst GM/Front office manager for a major hotel chain and feared my job would be in jeapordy had I been open. But after the hotel closed due to a major flood, this made it easier and more comfortable for me to be open about my use.

Any advice for moms or parents out there that use cannabis and are have children to care for?

My best advice would to just be honest with your kids and properly educate them early on. You don’t want them lying to you, so don’t lie to them. Be the best example!

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