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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Marijuana legalization in Indiana

Marijuana legalization in Indiana


  1. cometogeatherindianaMay 10, 2010 at 12:50 AM

    Right now if you are reading this comment stop and send an e-mail or something to your state represitive and push for medical marijuana in Indiana! We will never have it legalized if you dont so stop bitching about how you want it legalized and do something about it. Don't worry about people finding out if you toke! shit over half of the US population tokes now so dont be so damn sneaky about it!! let you voice be heard Indiana!!!! FUCK CONSERVITISM!!!!!! >:o !!!!!!

  2. I'm a Conservative Independent with Libertarian leanings. Not a big fan of most republicans. But conservatism is not the cause of it being illegal. Ironically enough Marijuana was made illegal during the presidency of FDR one of the most Liberal (and socialist) presidents that our country has ever had. I'm for complete legalization like i said, but people need to be informed by actual statistics. People need facts. The people who know nothing about it all say fuck i hope not like the people in the video up above. They need to be informed instead of mislead by Government "facts" that are conjured up for use as negative propaganda against the use of marijuana. I'm not into other "drugs" even though I don't consider Marijuana a drug, it's a fuccin plant, but i believe we should be made like mexico. everything legal for personal use. it's the people's decision not the Governments decision to tell you what's best for you. Liberalism by the way is for Bigger Government, meaning more of telling you what you can and can not do in a nutshell. They preach hypocrisy, not just liberals, but i'm bringing that up. They do say they are for more personal freedoms, but in reality they are not usually. Obama is definitely not for the legalization and he wants more control of pretty much everything, so don't look to him to legalize it. Too much of a pussy. Put a conservative libertarian that actually cares about our country and what it stands for and maybe our country wouldn't be in the shitty situation it's in right now. *Stay Faded, Stay Educated* peace out.

  3. I think the most important component in the fight for legalization is going to come from a different set of stats. There are those who do not enjoy marijuana,and these people are the ones with the decision-making power.

    I think the only way to get EVERYONE involved in the fight for legalization will be to attack the argument from a place that EVERYONE can relate to...their wallets.

    -How much money are we losing each year in "attempting" the "war" on marijuana?

    -What is the legal system costing the state each year in prosecuting marijuana-related offenses?

    -How much money are IN residents spending annually on marijuana?

    -How much revenue could be assumed annually with state controlled farms, dispensaries, eateries, etc.

    -How many new jobs could be created in this new “Green Movement?”

    These are just a few questions that need to be addressed to EVERY resident in this state: pro, con or indifferent. And, after everything has been tabulated, how much money could be better spent on reshaping Education, public service and clean, sustainable living?

    In other words: How can the legalization of marijuana in Indiana completely reshape our lives?

    If there is anyone who can give me these stats or point me in the direction of where they can be found, I would greatly appreciate it…………Thank you.


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