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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Marijuana Policy Project Rob Kampia sex harassment scandal

Washington Examiner: Sex scandal lights up the Marijuana Policy Project

HIGH TIMES: Scandal at the Marijuana Policy Project
By David Bienenstock and Richard Cusick

As part of an ongoing investigation, HIGH TIMES magazine has confirmed that at least seven full-time staff members of the Washington, DC based Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) have quit their jobs in protest of an alleged incident of sexual misconduct by MPP Executive Director Rob Kampia, which took place following an informal staff “happy hour” in August of 2009.; MPP Scandal Rocks Marijuana World


  1. Take the Should Rob Kampia Resign Poll

  2. Thanks, be sure to take our poll to the left on this page too! So far 13 votes and all say he should resign or be fired...

  3. Without knowing the what "alleged incident of sexual misconduct by MPP Executive Director Rob Kampia" was , I can't form a very exact opinion, but judging by the fact that 7 employees quit because of it, makes me believe something might have to be done to bring Rob Kampia around to justice and harmony and respectability  back to MPP. 

  4. If you check the story there's a pattern of behavior that is surely established in my opinion. And regardless of this scandal, MPP has issues. The monopoly Arizona and Nevada initiatives?

    As another masscann member said something to this effect on High Times, "Funny, about Rob who doesn't like long hairs or tie dies, pretends it's bad for the movement but being a pig is a a OK."

    Personally, I'm not a fan of long hair or tie dye for myself but to each their own.That's never been an issue for me even though I'm clean cut and generally you wont catch me wearing that stuff.

    But sex harassment? And the bad initiatives, the history of dividing NORML and MPP supporters? Not acceptable.

    Time to see Rob Kampia step down.

    Come back in a few years Rob when you're a human being again.


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