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Thursday, January 28, 2010

MassCann/NORML collects 1000+ postcards to present to MA Rep. Jeffrey Sanchez

MassCann/NORML collects 1000+ postcards to present to MA Rep. Jeffrey Sanchez

Bill Downing, John Gibson, Scott Gacek, and Steve Epstein of MassCann/NORML talk about the hugely successful postcard drive to lobby MA State Rep and Committee chair, Jeffrey Sanchez of Jamaica Plain who is sitting on a MA medical marijuana bill.

MassCann/NORML co-founder, Epstein talks about his recent letter in the Eagle Tribune explaining that in order for MA Democrats to regain the public's trust, they need to respect the will of the 80% of voters who support medical marijuana.

He also goes onto explain that a vote for Joe Kennedy in the MA Senate election was indeed a good decision to make. We know which way he voted. Also goes into critique of the campaign of Mike Capuano versus Martha Coakley and that at least one supporter of MassCann was so disgusted by Mad Martha that they voted for Scott Brown who filed the awful marijuana recrim bill in MA.

We have a poll going for activist of the year, I know I'm leading it, definitely appreciate it, almost expect it since it's my website after all which puts me out front with our online promotions. But Steven Epstein and Bill Downing, those are the two guys that have really done it in MA. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't even have this website going. And I'm not the only one. Our activism is growing. We are seeing a new generation who are intelligent and ready to do the work, that's a great thing. Thanks to Bill Downing and Steven Epstein for laying the foundation and making it happen. 2010 is our year.

Exciting to see the new people we have really getting involved and taking it further coming out to last night's board meeting. and for starters and then we had another first timer who is a General Counsel for a major bio corp. And he wasn't the only impressive first timer last night. Keeps getting bigger and better with MassCann/NORML.

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  1. great, have some of the BOD members stopped acting like assholes to regular members?  then it would actually be a useful meeting


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