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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mike Cann screws up, yet MPP still equals Monopoly Marijuana Project

Mike Cann retraction of some facts I put out on this story.

An anonymous MPP employee appears to have commented on my recent story alerting me to an inaccuracy in one of my previous blogs. I did screw up. Nevada does already have medical marijuana. The new MPP Nevada Initiative does not change the existing law that does allow medical patients to grow their own.

However, what's rather funny is the tone of the message and what I suspect to be the intent of it. To make our collective criticisms of MPP somehow seem less credible.

Yet it doesn't do that at all.

MPP is still supporting a medical initiative in Arizona that does indeed create "Monopoly Medical Marijuana" for folks that live within a certain distance of a dispensary.

MPP is still supporting a legalization initiative in Nevada that does indeed create "Monopoly Marijuana Policy" legalization.

Funny about this comment left by the anonymous MPP employee, it stinks of their standard operating procedure. Check with us first. We are in charge. We know better.

"There are horrible rumors going around. PLEASE, this initiative is IN ADDITION to the medical marijuana laws already on the books. Before you go posting rumors and BS you really should check with us to see what our initiative is about. "

Check with MPP?

Why would I?

See in February of 2008, I asked MPP about this very deceptive video that gave many the impression that candidate for President Barack Obama supported marijuana decrim when his campaign for President was clearly on the record stating, "I no longer support marijuana decrim."

On Jan. 31st, 2008, it seemed for a few days that Obama's stance had changed and that he might indeed be supportive of marijuana decrim. NORML put out a press report noting the good news. A short time later, Obama's campaign again changed their stance and came out to be against marijuana decrim, saying it was a misstatement from their campaign. NORML noted it. Did MPP? No, MPP chose not to update or respond. Surely this was not a simple oversight. This was MPP's biggest video on youtube and Obama was the biggest candidate on the record in regards to ever being positive for marijuana policy. Do you really think it was an oversight?

The first video was no longer applicable or close to the truth on Obama's stance. Obama had changed his stance. Any updates from MPP on Obama's stance? No. For seven months, MPP continued to paint the picture that Obama was pro marijuana reform. The website at that time clearly left one with the impression that Obama was the only candidate for marijuana reform, when clearly he wasn't. Did they not know this? Of course they did. At the same time, other candidates like Ron Paul and Bob Barr had much better stances on marijuana. Did MPP cover them? Not until seven months later of complaining from people that were paying attention.

They allowed the outdated MPP video to stay up with no updates on Obama's stance for months on end. A video that received 100's of thousands of views at that time. Every day, hundreds if not thousands of marijuana reform minded people viewed that misleading MPP video and came away with the "erroneous" conclusion that Obama supported us, when it was clearly not true. Who was responsible for this "erroneous" information presented as fact? MPP was.

Fed up with MPP's inaccurate info and failure to update or respond, I put out this video in May of 2008. I sent the video to MPP. They did not respond. Many who viewed my video and the MPP video I linked to, looked into my allegations and found out I was indeed correct. Many of us posted on the MPP video over and over again, asking for an update. For months on end, nothing but silence from MPP.

Four months after my video and seven months after Obama was on the record against us? MPP finally corrected the record. Did they issue it as retraction admitting they had mislead people or screwed up, that it was an oversight for the last seven months? Admitting that they were wrong about the previous story that they had published and let gather hundreds of thousands of views? No, they did not. They issued an update.

Funny about thing about that "erroneous" information.

When Mike Cann, a one man show, making next to nothing on his website, finds "erroneous" info, he corrects it immediately and issues a retraction. What does MPP do? They wait seven months and never ever issue a retraction. They present it as an "update".

They have a staff of how many? With a multi-million dollar budget. I'm a one person show.

Mike Cann, one man, no budget, responds with a retraction, immediately.

MPP with several dozens of employees and millions of dollars of funding? Seven months later, an update. Still waiting 2+ years later for that retraction.

How long before they put out a press release about this?

Maybe it will come out in 2011.

Feel free to respond, MPP. Or not. I know it's tough for you to get back.

I don't know how rumors about MPP would ever get started, it must because Mike Cann screwed up on whether a bad bill is for medical or legalization. ;)

Rumors are going around about MPP because of the actions of MPP not because Mike Cann screwed up a story.

Update: MPP has responded via email about this scandal. That's a good sign/start in my opinion.


  1. Obama never retracted his decrim statement. His aide waffled. Why are you harping on this?

  2. It's not about Obama retracting a statement.
    "saying it was a misstatement from their campaign."
    It's about MPP seeming to only update when it was good for their candidate, Obama. The most popular video of all time for MPP on youtube over 1 million views, how many were mislead by that info? I think many. Which to me is bankrupt, no matter which candidate you supported.

  3. And I'll add Obama did what should be done. A mistatement was made, it was corrected. Some of us were mad but better that than to lie or not address it. That's what drives me nuts about MPP, they didn't seem to care and/or know that they were misleading people. Obama did, his staff fixed it, got on the record. My point exactly. I didn't vote for President Obama but he did what you are supposed to do. Get the info out. Fix the record.


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