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Monday, January 11, 2010

Nevada MPP Medical Marijuana Initiative? Not so good

Video: Medical marijuana initiative filed in Nevada

New initiative to regulate pot use filed in Nevada

Forcing medical users to buy from government regulated stores with no option for personal or medical grows unless you pay $2500 and submit to government regulators? Yep. What happens if the state doesn't go along with regulating medical dispensaries? Another weak bill by MPP. This game plan/strategy they keep trotting out doesn't do well against the opposition. It doesn't take into account that we are now the majority on this issue. Giving into compromise to pass a bill at the legislative level is acceptable but not via ballot initiative where we have huge poll numbers for medical marijuana.

Take the other sides first line in the video above away from them. Say "So what, it should be an OTC type medicine, safer than any on the shelf. One that people are already growing for free. We know this, so let them."

2010 California! 2012 Nevada, MPP initiative, yawn.

Incrementalism. We have the votes, doesn't seem to matter the wording on the ballot just as long as it says the words, "medical marijuana", it will now pass in all states that have a ballot initiative, so why keep going with the same monopoly, watered down models that will still leave many as criminals?

Let us grow our cannabis, tax free for medical or personal use.


Some info in this story is "innacurate". MPP's bill in Nevada is for "Monopoly Marijuana Legalization" not "Monopoly Medical Marijuana" like their Initiative in Nevada. Mike Cann screwed up. See this for more info on that.


  1. I'm not trying to be an asshole but "Drop a few pills" I think was a <span>Freudian slip! </span>of what he's doing to self medicate , Not to mention he seems very deffensive
    about it doesn't he? Effin' prick.

  2. omg that cop dude said the advent of weed would be the beginning of turning Nevada into Sodom and Gammora...thats friggen hilarious. Theres a city by vegas I thnk is called Sodom and Gammora. Well maybe it was a strip club... I don't remember.
    420gc "best kush in LA"

  3. An inaccuracy in your storyJanuary 17, 2010 at 1:18 AM

    Personal medical grows are allowed in NV and this initiative does not change that.

  4. Just like 'an inaccuracy in your story' says. This initiative has NOTHING to do with medical marijuana. People would still be able to grow their own if they were medical mj patients. I work for MPP and I know what the initiative says. There are horrible rumors going around. PLEASE, this initiative is IN ADDITION to the medical marijuana laws already on the books. Before you go posting rumors and BS you really should check with us to see what our initiative is about. 

  5. Oh, you sure got me, anonymous MPP employee. Check with you? Oh lord. Like I checked with you when MPP put the video out saying Obama was in favor of decrim for a good six months after he was already on the record not supporting it? Your response to that? No response until my video hit 25,000+ views and six months later....

    So you got me, it's not a medical bill but Arizona is. Are either of these any good? No, they stink.

    Funny, how MPP works. They'll come here to post for one mistatement but never publicly address our issues with these initiatives? I put out many true facts about MPP's bad initiatives. Nobody ever responded publicly until today. Why is that? Because it was all on the mark and you didn't want to answer now did you?

    We'll get him, he messed up with a misstatement.

    Monopoly Marijuana Project. Perhaps things will change now that Mr. Kampia has to get some help.

    Gee, I wonder why there's lots of rumors about MPP? It must be because Mike Cann got the Arizona and Nevada initiatives mixed up. Or the bad bills you push and the sex scandal that has erupted? 

    When's MPP going to make a statement to the marijuana reform community about it all? Six months from now?
    Since we are talking. Feel free to answer here.

  6. See my retraction of my "erroneous" information. Immediate retraction. Will MPP do the same?


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