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Monday, January 18, 2010

Obama Heckled in Boston at Coakley Rally.... In Boston?

Obama Heckled in Boston at Coakley Rally.... In Boston?

This makes me smile a bit. Mr. Obama is finding out he's not God and that many people have had enough. But on the other hand, it's still sad because those heckling now think that Scott Brown is somehow different. In my opinion they are exactly the same. Coke and Pepsi. Different packaging, same sugared water.

Obama, Brown, Coakley, Fortune 500 candidates are not going to make things better. Only you can. Like many others I correspond with and itself a one man show that's growing. Do it every day. Fight for freedom. Don't just vote and expect it. You have to fight for it, it's not free and it's a long term fight. It took MassCann/NORML 20 years to get decrim. When they started? No chance of reform. Now it's different. From the ground up.

The one thing that I can never forget, is that we are still fighting wars for corporate profit. Mr. Obama's and Mr. Brown's parties both get contributions to make sure this is so and that this will not change.

Stand up, fight, and don't ever give up or compromise for the lesser of evil. Evil is evil. There is no lesser evil.

Thanks to those who stick with me, especially the ones that might not agree with everything I support.

Look for a Mike Cann Dave Tree video later. Dave's supporting Martha Coakley, 8 minutes of DaveTree TV on the right wing Republican machine and Scott Brown upcoming. Vote Joe Kennedy.

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