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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some supporters of Scott Brown for US Senate need mental health care

All this talk about healthcare reform, I think some of the supporters of Scott Brown need an appointment to see the shrink. It's a shame they shut down Danvers State Mental Hospital.

Brown supporters on Joe Kennedy's facebook:

Chip Chaw posts,
"TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!! Don't use the "12/11/09 was the deadline" excuse-- you could easily announce to your supporters that you would like them to support Scott Brown instead. You could vote for Scott Brown too. You are NOT the "Tea Party candidate," because none of us would vote for you-- I'm a libertarian and I wouldn't vote for you! If Obamacare gets passed, you will go down in history as sharing the blame."

Peter Smith posts,
"Please - Joe Kennedy people - abandon this lost cause and support Scott Brown. We need every vote possible to counter the liberal cheating machine that is oiled and ready for Tues. Do the patriotic thing Joe and bow out please - for your country's sake.

Laura J Smyser posts,
"Mr. Kennedy, many of your views mirror Scott Browns. If you truly care about this country you will drop out of the race so Scott Brown can ensure the preservation of this country. Anything less is selfish and self-serving. You are only garnering 2-3% of the vote-you can't possibly win."

If you are a Brown supporter, I'm not mad at you, don't be mad at me. Go after the clowns posting this crap, it's not helping. I know most of you aren't like this.

Funny thing about this, it's only making Joe Kennedy look like a great candidate, rallying his supporters, increasing his page view numbers and friends on his facebook page. Mr. Kennedy's quips back at them are priceless, too.

And if Joe Kennedy dropped out of this election? It would only help Martha Coakley. Polling shows Kennedy is taking two votes from Coakley for every vote that he takes from Brown. Conventional wisdom about a Libertarian candidate taking votes from the GOP doesn't quite hold in MA. Most that are voting for Kennedy in MA are progressives unhappy with the Democratic party.

In other related news, Libertarians and local tea party types, Carla Howell and Michael Cloud just endorsed Joe Kennedy.

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