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Friday, January 1, 2010

US Senate campaign, Joe Kennedy reaches out to supporters of marijuana legalization

My name is Garrett Anderson and I am the Scheduling Director for the Joe Kennedy for U.S. Senate campaign. Mr. Kennedy is an Independent running in the Massachusetts Senate Special Election set for January 19, 2010.

Now that the holiday season has come and gone, Joe will now begin to criss-cross the state of Massachusetts to bring his message to the electorate and make his case for his candidacy. Joe Kennedy, a resident of Dedham, is interested in speaking with and meeting with MassCann sometime between now and January 19th. Joe is very interested in meeting with the group to have a dialouge on the the legalization of marijuana as well any other issues that come up in the question & answer session. If you are interested in hosting Joe, please let me know.

Joe is the only candidate in the race who is open to the idea of legalizing marijuana. Joe believes that this is a state issue; therefore, the federal government should have no role at all. Legalizing marijuana is 100% off the table for Scott Brown and Martha Coakley.

Joe is hopeful that he can meet with your club to expand on this issue and get a true dialouge going on the issue.

I appreciate your consideration in this matter. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you and have a great day!


Garrett Anderson
Scheduling Director
Joe Kennedy for U.S. Senate
Joe Kennedy for US Senate on Facebook


  1. Go Joe...I'm proud of are gonna win...forget the prohibitionist...they opperate on fear...tha opposite of faith....Faith is going to win out this on my friend.


  3. i'd rather him call it a "club" than ignore the issue all together. dont ya agree?

  4. Mike Cann related to Greg Cann  (Johanne Jean's husband) ?

  5. I'm voting for Kennedy, and I'm bringing 10 friends of mine to the polls for him, too.

    When everyone else who wants legal marijuana can do the same, the fatcats like Coakley and Brown won't be able to ignore us anymore.

    Think about that.  What would it take?  Are there 10 people you can influence to get to the polls?  If you and all of your friends were politically active, meaning that you all brought 10 people to the polls for Kennedy, and you were all signed up for his email list, then he'd have a great shot at winning.

    Every person who votes for mainstream drug warriors has a friend who wants marijuana legal.  But that "friend" doesn't take their own philosophy seriously enough, so that's why our prisons are full of innocent people. Is that a good reason to allow the tyranny of prohibition?

    I think not.


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