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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Youtube helps Obama avoid medical marijuana question?

Seems that way.

Right as my medical marijuana question moved to the number 1 spot for video questions on health care, youtube moves all the marijuana questions to "other" category pitting legalization questions against medical marijuana. I guess to youtube, "medical marijuana" is not worthy of being included in their "health care" debate? Crap move by youtube. Playing for the President over the health of medical users on youtube?

You can still vote for it but it's now competing against legalization questions which ensures it's either about legalization or medical which are completely two different subjects. BS move by youtube in my opinion.

Sure Obama will take a question on marijuana, (legalization) that he can laugh at again but don't let him take the question that he can't laugh at?

Youtube for the people or the President?

1 comment:

  1. They ignored all the questions regarding marijuana in its entirety. Some folks over at are contemplating starting a youtube boycott, to show them that they cannot simply ignore our voices especially when the number one two and three marijuana related questions had the most number of votes of any question on the entire channel.


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