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Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 election -- an early look‏

By Terry Franklin

I thought I would give an early preview of what will be going on in the realm of electoral politics -- in the Nov. 2010 election.

Nothing comprehensive here. Merely a few snippets of what I know of at this point.

I thought our exchange over the recent MA senate race was well done. Some people rightly pointed out that not everyone is a single issue voter. The candidates, and parties, have pros and cons on many other issues besides the drug policy ones that concern us here. And there are limitless other places besides here to discuss those.

A few basics: Legalization is so fundamental to the Libertarian Party platform, that it goes almost without saying where a Libertarian candidate will stand on the issue. As to the two main parties, almost no one will take up the issue head-on, though a few will nibble around the edges. This will change -- Dick Evans, in the column posted here a couple of days ago, points out that there is a great political opportunity here for any candidate who wants to be daring.

What is going on:

Starting in the Amherst / Granby (MA) State Representative District... our own Dan Melick has thrown his hat into the race!

In the MA 1st Congressional district, it is almost certain that Keith McCormic will be running. He will be running as a Republican -- he was one of those people inspired by Ron Paul to work at "taking over" or "taking back" the Republican Party. Though legalization is not a big concern for him, it is worth showing him some appreciation -- as he is the ONLY candidate from either of the 2 major parties to EVER show his face onstage at the Extravaganja festival, in the almost 20 years of its history (when he was running for State Senate in 08).

In the MA 2nd Cong. Dist. (the other one in Western MA) the incumbent is in big political trouble. Nothing at this point about opponents, but things will be happening here.

There will be several Public Policy Questions concerning medical marijuana on the ballot in a number of communities in Southeastern MA, near the RI border.

In NH, there is a lot of discussion about running candidates against those legislators who were responsible for voting to uphold the governor's veto of the medical marijuana law this past year.

In both MA and NH, there will, no doubt, be numerous people running as Libertarians (or equivalent) in local and district races. Joe Kennedy and Bob Underwood are still around in MA. I'm not that up on who's who in NH, but there are a great many there.

In CT, there are three candidates for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate seat. One of them, Peter Schiff, is a long shot. But he is something of a media and internet personality, so it may be possible for him to succeed. He has strong Libertarian leanings. Though legalization has not been a major campaign issue for him, at one point he was asked about it on camera. His reply was something along the lines of "Sure. Why not. That makes sense."

In NY, the governor, David Paterson, was instrumental in pushing through major reform in drug sentencing last year. He worked hard on reducing harsh sentences and in providing the alternative of treatment. A pretty good guy in my book. As of now he is still lined up to get the nomination of the Democratic Party for re-election, but it is widely believed that he will be challenged in the primary by the Attorney General.

In VT, long-time marijuana activist, Cris Ericson, is running simultaneously for both Governor and Senator, as an Independent. Some say she is an eccentric. Nothing wrong with that. I've been called one
myself :)

There are also Senate seats up for election in NH, PA, and NY. All the congressional seats everywhere will be voted on this year. As will numerous more local seats. Stay tuned (and maybe some of you might want to think about running for something yourself...)

I will leave you with a little commentary by Peter Christopher that I saw in the Valley Advocate this week:

Kudos to Maureen Turner for her comprehensive story on a problem one can find with most elections today... Will the real drug reform candidate please stand? All too often our system on both sides is rife with pro-drug war politicians so outwardly blind to the greatest American social tragedy since slavery for fear of being criticized as too soft on drugs and crime. There is a candidate on the horizon that will speak truth to power and move us as a nation toward that promise of science, not ideologies. His name is Gov. Gary Johnson (Republican), former New Mexico governor. He is proof you can debate drug reform and also be a viable candidate. With Johnson setting a precedent, more will drop the charade that only proves to be job security for law enforcement and a guarantee we need more prisons and laws, none of which is based in science or supported by any drug commission of the last century.

Terry Franklin runs an email list covering Western MA drug policy. If you liked this, I recommend joining his list by sending him a message at or at

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