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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ann Coulter Neo-cons don't like Ron Paul liberty at CPAC

Ann Coulter Neo-cons cry about Ron Paul libertarians at CPAC

Corporate pro-war mongers are upset.

Notice the four issues Ann Coulter brings up in her hit of Ron Paul and his supporters? The three that are universally gaining popularity with working class, most all informed voters; marijuana reform, ending the fed, non-interventionist foreign policy. And then the abortion issue to try to drive any lefties away? She feels the power of these issues and knows that she's a wrong issue loser at this point in time. She pretends to support ending the fed? But in her 500 or so visits on Fox News and Bill Maher, she forgets to bring it up. She's a secret supporter. Ann Coulter, good try, but even Palin supporters aren't that stupid. ;)

Ann Coulter might need to find a real job. Maybe she'll get lucky and land a gig as a budtender at a medical cannabis dispensary. Patients in wheel chairs can throw darts at her on "Toke It Up Tuesdays."

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