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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Anton Batey responds to KOP John Potash Tupac Interview

From Anton Batey:
"How are you?

I listened to part of the interview that you did with John Potask recently. A few things were interesting, especially when I came up. I interviewed John for about 45 minutes - NOT an "hour, hour and a half". I would have loved to go an hour and a half, but John couldn't take it anymore and wanted to get off the phone. Sure; it might have *seemed* that long because I was challenging John to a point where he started yelling and getting visibly angry, but it wasn't even an hour. Whats funny is that there was another person on the phone, a guy named Larry, who was "nicer" than me, and if you listen to the interview, you can see how John kept wanting Larry to talk, since he wasn't challenging him at all. Also, I didn't post the interview because his theories are so ridiculous, bizarre and unreasonable, I'd be giving him credibility. Its most certainly not because he "bested" me in any way - on the contrary, John should be thanking me for not posting it yet. I can e-mail you it, if you like, and you can see for yourself.

It was also funny that because I don't buy into baseless, ridiculous conspiracy theories that I "work for the government". But thats always what conspiranoids who can no longer defend their poison usually say. Its an ad hominem attack; a graceless way of conceding. Saying that I work for the government is like saying that a hardcore atheist is a Pastor of a Church. I hate government. I hate their military and economic interventions. If anything, John Potask works for the government just to make political dissidents look absurd and ridiculous. Of course, I don't really believe that, but if you want to play that "you work for the government game", I can make a better case that he does.

Second, I heard what you said about me, and I chuckled. You said that "I was off"? How? You and I debated, and I presented a legitimate case of why I am right, and you eventually stopped responding. The Crips killing Tupac is logical, reasonable, rational and most important, evidential. The little available evidence we DO have points at Crips. Not a shred of it points towards Suge, him being alive, of that Tupac was such a big "threat" (how the fuck was Tupac, of all people, such a threat, lol?) that the federal government conspired to have him killed. And took the government.......the federal fucking government SIX TIMES to finally kill Tupac.......Tupac! LOL, how does this theory not sound comical to you? Between me and MUST know that what he was saying was just plain retarded."

Anton Batey makes the case and with strength that Tupac Shakur was shot by the crips. I don't feel he presents enough evidence to seal the case and that yes there are several other possible scenarios. I feel at times Batey can get to caught up in proving he's right. I do not agree with John Potash's suggestion that he could be an agent. Anton Batey is a youtube star. He's strong, smart, opinionated, I don't believe for a second that he's an agent. Maybe I'm wrong, I have been. But I see no evidence of it. Zero. I don't normally air private messages but to me it's the quickest and easiest way to give Anton his spot to respond to our podcast mentions of him. And for me to answer on it as well.
King of Pot Podcast, Mike Cann interviews John Potash on FBI War on Tupac Shakur.


  1. Anton Batey's version of the interview is utterly ridiculous. John Potash never raised his voice despite Batey's insistence his information was somehow more credible than that of Potash's. Then, after the interview, Batey throws up snarky passive, aggressive comments to accompany the video which, to the puerile, demean Potash,

    How sickening.

  2. D-Will,

    He did indeed raise his voice and basically threw a tantrum when he wasn’t able to even remotely prove what he said. Anyone can listen to the interview for themselves. The only “rebuttals” I have been getting are tantrums.


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