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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Buzz kill: Crozet man finds eBay yanks High Times | The Hook News Blog

Buzz kill: Crozet man finds eBay yanks High Times | The Hook News Blog
Super Bowl Sunday left Crozet resident Fred Carwile “frustrated and angry,” he says. And not because the Saints won.

That was the day he discovered that his sales listings for back-issues of High Times magazine, which he’s sold for years on eBay, had been yanked without warning.

Further infuriating Carwile: He claims that two different eBay customer service reps told him the marijuana-oriented mags were pulled at the request of the federal government.

“The federal government cannot ban books,” says Carwile, who notes that the cannabis culture magazine is sold at Barnes and Noble and countless convenience stores across the nation. “They’re pressuring a business to ban books.”

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  1. High Times Freedom Fighter Captain Joint Checking in...

    The eBay pot police pulled some of my High Times listings down also. They seem to be doing it at random because when they do, I run a search and find plenty of High Times listings on ebay, as well as many marijuana related items listed there as well.

    Maybe a stoner boycott of eBay on 4/20 April 20th, 2010 will wise them up.

    How many stoners would it take to change an eBay policy? High Times should jump on this, their magazine is the one being targeted! My Treating Yourself and Cannabis Culture listings have not been touched???

    I guess just High Times is responsable for all the pot crime in the!

    Boycott eBay 420!

    Captain Joint


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