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Thursday, February 4, 2010 follows youtube Obama "open" forum fiasco with more of the same

Hi Mike,

There is a situation you might want to write about. has members voting for Ideas for Change in America posted by members and overnight they screwed with the categories people had posted their ideas under.

They took ideas related to Medical and/or Recreational Marijuana and/or Hemp and re-categorized them all under Criminal Justice, so I don't know if others are complaining and getting their ideas put back or what. This is really messed up and not at all democratic.

I am sure others are upset by this situation, perhaps you would care to do a piece on this and rally support to get to change back the classification of the ideas that were switched. One person in particular was quite livid and posted a couple of comments on the situation in comment section after his idea: Remove Marijuana From Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act

I had emailed and they replied back that they put my idea, Hemp for Victory! back under the Jobs and Economy. However, I find the whole matter quite outrageous!

Thank you,

Paul H

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  1. UPDATE:

    Yeah... I've been pissed about this since it happened.  I submitted the "Idea for Change" that we remove marijuana from Schedule I from the Controlled Substances Act.  Originally I listed the idea under "Health Care", because as you know the medical classification is a Health Related Issue.  Moreover our own President has said that marijuana use should be dealth with as a public health issue instead of a criminal justice issue.  Within 3 days of posting the idea it had moved into the first place position (the top three ideas would be discussed in the next round).  A day later the idea was moved to "Criminal Justice"... no notice... no explanation... no choice.  I've wrote 3 letters to over the past three weeks, kindly requesting that they move the idea back to Health Care, but they insist that it is more appropriate under criminal justice.  Their view was that this move allowed more "like minded" people to search and vote for issue they cared about. I countered thisw arguement with the fact that this was my point for listing it under "Health Care".  I was hoping to have more in the Health Care related fields (who would naturally be interested in reviewing all of the ideas in their field) add their views to the issue and vote or not vote this idea up.   But to no avail... instead of allowing people to form their own ideas and to vote on the validity of ideas as they were created, has made the decision to alter the vote by limiting the areas in which this dicussion could take place.


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