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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jack Blood Exposes Alex Jones as Pot Smoking Phony Among Other Things

Jack Blood Exposes Alex Jones as Pot Smoking Phony Among Other Things

Alex Jones gives Willie Nelson a hard time for smoking pot in a call-in radio interview

More folks are calling out and turning on conspiracy theorist huckster, Alex Jones. Listen as a former long time fill in host for his show, Jack Blood spills the truth on the man. Related to the Texas Gubernatorial election. Jones smokes pot and then rags on it? Apparently. That's news to me. The rest of it? News to some but not to me or anybody paying attention. Jones is a big empty phony ego at best.

More interesting videos on the career and actions of Alex Jones, register and post at!


  1. Jack Blood is a crybaby...

  2. This article doesn't explain anything, and neither do Jack Blood's crappy YouTube clips... Are they mad because Alex insulted a Tea Party politician who flip-flopped on 9/11? Gimme a friggin break, that's Alex's #1 issue - of course he is going to be pissed! Jack is just mad because he has a person thing against Alex. "He gets drunk and tries to start fights" Jack said - talk about sour fucking grapes! 

  3. the article shouldn't have to explain anything, mike cann expects you to do your homework and then he posts the latest here. See Alex Jones Y2K War of the Worlds "The Russians, Putin is coming" Bill Cooper youtube clips. Due your research. Due diligence. Alex Jones, what laws has he changed? What political candidates has he backed and won with? Alex Jones what criminals has he put in jail or removed from office? See not seeing it. NORML, even MPP, Ron Paul, the Libertarians, Joe Kennedy, Gary Johnsons, The Free State Project, SSDP, these are real and many more that are, Alex Jones? Not.

  4. I would have stopped supporting Alex Jones the second he would have let Debra Medina's comments slide. This is just absolute crazy talk here. I'm sorry but it sounds like crying. I'm sure Alex Jones is just as fallible and fragile as all humans are. What I don't understand is all the bickering within the "movement" and attacks in the "movement". People leaving the "movement" because of being butt-hurt. How can you say, "Well I don't like being lied to and being bilked taxes for imaginary reasons, I don't like being a neo-peasant... but somebody offended me and I'm out. Time to go back drinking flouride and pretending the system is ok."

    Debra Medina was WRONG! Alex Jones still mentioned we should probably support her but he questioned her flip-flopping and I'm 100% in agreement with that assement. If Alex Jones didn't jump on those comments that we were "despicable", then I would have figured Alex Jones had gone soft.

    I understand talking against the mainstream media, but this bullshit bickering within the "movement" is just horseshit. Pull your heads out of your asses and let's get serious about this.

  5. Alex Jones is the biggest crybaby, people wake up Alex Jones is a fraud more people on the inside need to have the balls to come out against him.... his evil will be revealed unfortunately there will be so many disillusioned and paranoid brainwashed Alex Jones fans they won't know who to cuss out and death threat 1st.


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