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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MA man asking for legal medical marijuana for brain injury

Wally, you suffered some severe head trauma, what happened?

On 10/25/1999, I was drinking at a party and I fell three stories. Was in a coma for two and a half months.

What's your average day like?

I go to to the gym. Tuesday and Thursday's, I go to my program for mental illness, any other errands I have to run.

You played football in high school and your team at Oxford High School were the MA Div. 3 State Champs? Tell us about that. What position did you play?

I played defensive end with my twin brother being the other defensive end.

Why do you want to see medical marijuana legal?

I think it should be legal, I mean alcohol is legal and weed is less intense unless you got good stuff but it's the happy drug for me because my brain injury can make me mean.

Do you use it and what's your experience with it?

When I can get it, I use it, it helps control my anger issues, just ask my dad.

Do you care whether it's only sold in dispensaries or is the right to grow your own important?

It really don't matter as long as I can get it but it'd be straight to grow your own and cut the middle man out.

What would your message be to the current MA Democratic lawmakers who haven't passed the medical marijuana bill?

With me it really helps by keeping my mind from going hay wire, which since my accident happens a lot. I've tried drinking to help cope but that just makes my anger come out easier, where as pot doesn't do that, it just helps.

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